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  • Lillian the chameleon. scene11. THE MACHO

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Explanation: A feminist sequence is the same thing, the woman who crushes the macho, seen from a different angle. Lillian plays alone, a man gives her a reply, but you never see him.

Lillian plays with the camera. No dramatization, perhaps the difficulty will be at the end or Lilian crushes the macho, which she reduced to the state of insect by magic. I would like the camera to film the foot of Lillian descending on the camera. In fact, you should see the sole of the boot. I saw this on a site but I don't know if it's possible for you.

Lillian is 25 years old. His clothes, a dress and ankle boots. (The dress is the one she wears when she is a doctor, it is in principle hidden by a hospital gown and the boots are the ones she wears when she is a police officer).

In this sequence, Lillian plays by herself. She could be in a room like in "Lesley rises", she looks at objects, as if she were shopping. The camera follows her, she films her face and her body, her feet as if a man is looking at her and

following her. Lillian turns around, she looks at the camera as if she is talking to a person.


Are you done following me?

French subtitle : Avez-vous fini de me suivre ?

you can hear a man's voice.



I saw you and I agreed to do you a favour to get to know me.

French subtitle : Je vous ai vu et j'ai accepté de vous faire une faveur pour apprendre à me connaître.

Lillian looks at the camera, a little surprised.



So first you buy me a drink and then you try to seduce me.

French subtitle : Alors d'abord vous me payez un verre et ensuite vous essayez de me séduire.

Lillian Always surprised.



French subtitle : Quoi ?



It's all right, I don't have all day to spend with you.

French subtitle : C'est bon, je n'ai pas toute la journée à passer avec vous.


Are you sick?

French subtitle : Êtes-vous malade ?

Lillian turns around and is about to leave.



Bitch, get lost.

French subtitle : Salope, va te faire voir.

Lillian turns around, her eyes black, she points her finger at the camera and slowly the camera moves down Lillian's body as if, the man's getting very small, then you see Lillian coming closer, the caméra looking upwards, Lillian looks down, she says.


Me, I crush machos.

French subtitle : Moi, j'écrase les machos.

Then she lifts her foot and we see the sole of the boot slowly go down on the camera (is that possible for you?) then it's black, we hear a noise of crushed bones.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian the chameleon. scene11. THE MACHO

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