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  • Melanie is sent to get the crime boss

Custom clip request 

Melanie is sent to get info on the location of a crime boss. She is hired by a gang. The dialog will be left up to you. She seeks out a thug named: Victor

Will be filmed indoors

Outfit: She can wear the same dress in Agent Lesley Part 1 Or something similar. No stockings. Bare legs and high heel mules or high heel sandals(see attachment). She will wear high heel mules like my last clip with Carly.

Melanie using her amazing self defense, extraordinary flexibility and gymnastics with upside down knee to the balls. Gymnastics kicks to the face and body and balls. Some punches, ball grabs, gut punch, kicks to face and gymnastics tricks with kicks in the face and ball busting while close to the wall.

You can use random dialog for them both.

Part 1 (7 mins)

One male character Henry. He must wear a ski mask, tank top, sweatpants and no jeans.  Fight choreography will be left up to you with a strong emphasis gymnastics with face kicks, knees to body and ball busting (ball grab). She just taunts against the wall kneeing him in the balls between flirting with him and kicking and kneeing him against the wall.

Part 2

She will knock him out and he will fall spread eagle she walks away to the door. Then turn around and walk between his legs again. Using the same information in my last video when Carly fought the last ninja. Vivien will use the same methods. She will kick him, he will raise up from the pain then she will knee or punch him back to the floor. She will do this 6 times with close ups of her heels and legs from different angles but use some angles like the images as well. After that she will stomp and twist her heels on his balls (crushing sounds) for about 4 mins until he is destroyed from the pain. Use many close ups of her heels and legs from behind at this point of the video like the images. After the ninja is destroyed she will hold her heel on his balls until the camera takes a full shot of different angles for 2 minutes. Then she takes off her heels and places her foot on his groin with an arch for about 2 mins (Different camera view fade out).

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Melanie is sent to get the crime boss

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