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Custom clip request 

The plot will be as follows: Lillian will be clothed in her Black Canary leotard but instead of her fishnet stockings and boots, she will wear the same thigh high stockings and black heels that Sasha wore. Her hair will be pulled back in a long ponytail. As in the custom viideo, Lillian will have the same minimal makeup along with no colored nail polish on her fingernsils as well as her toenails. 

Sasha/Lillian pretended to be rendered in the hopes of getting closer to the boss as she is obsessed in bringing him to justice at any cost. She correctly assumed that the men did not know the boss's location. So trying to beat that information out of them would be fruitless. The 4 men are all dumb as a box of rocks. They simply are unable to make an intelligent decision without the help of their elusive boss.

Lillian has also received information that the boss wants to someway, somehow, recruit her into his organization by challenging her into a 'fair' fight against his 4 men. She finds this info intriguing  but not challenging at all. The boss is not seen throughout the video until the final scene. He communicates via cell phone. The boss has studied Lillian from afar and has learned alot about her when she has interfered in his illegal endeavors. He's learned that she can't resist a challenge, no matter how one sided the odds are against her....she simply can't say no to the concessions she's willing to give. He also knows that she will keep her promise that if she loses, she will agree to the terms of her surrender. The boss also knows something that Lillian doesn't about  herself. The greater the challenge proposed to her, the bigger the rush of this new feeling of euphoria she experiences. The boss is counting on this in the hopes that she will give a concession that she will not be able to overcome.

The scene starts with the men laying her prone body on the floor. They stand around her as they openly leer at her body. Her arms should be splayed outward with her open palms facing the ceiling. They part her legs further by nudging her ankles with their feet.  She's  aware of what's going on as she pretends to still be on the floor. She finds that she likes the predicament that she's placed herself in and discovers that she wants more to be done to her. She starts to stir as she slowly alternates bending one leg at the knee before sliding her leg back down while doing the same with her other leg. She starts to moan softly as she slowly moves her head from side to side while breathing deeply causing her chest to rise and fall enticingly. Fearing that she's waking up, the men panic into action. 2 men each straddle a leg with each sitting on her knee while gripping a thigh at the top of her stocking. The 3rd man straddles her chest and places one hand on her throat as he starts to punch her face. She never opens  her eyes as she offers token resistance by stiffening her legs and raising her hands slightly. The 4th man is standing back as he answers his cell phone. She's  aware of the conversation as the boss tells him what to do. She's  just about to end her charade and break free to retrieve the phone so that she can trace the boss's location when the thug repeats the boss's unheard instructions, "I understand boss, if she breaks free and comes after me, I press the # button and the phone will self destruct". Upon hearing that, she pretends to be KOed by letting her legs go soft and her hands falling to the floor. She'll have to find a better opportunity to get the phone. 3 men are told to carry her to a chair where each ankle is tied to each front leg of the chair while her hands are tied behind her back. I'd like to see a close up of her ankles being tied. There should be just enough play in the rope to allow her to press one knee against the other to keep her legs from being parted.

Thru the speaker phone, the boss tells her to stop pretending she's  sleeping as he knows she's faking it. She coyly raises an eyebrow before opening her eyes and sheepishly smiles into the camera. The boss continues, my men foolishly think you are at their mercy, but I know better. Show them how easily you can unbind your hands and ankles. She slowly stands up and effortlessly hands the rope binding her hands to one man. She bends over and just as easily unravels the knots to her ankles. She leaves her legs parted wide with her feet still on either side of the chair and places her hands on her hips. The fear in the men's eyes gives her a rush of excitement but it's the anticipation of what challenges the boss has in mind that's  slowly sending her to unknown territory.  In past encounters, she always called the shots on what handicaps she would concede. This is different now, and to her surprise, she likes it. She allows her hands to be tied behind her back again as the boss tells the 3 men to attack her.  The 4th man with the phone stays back as she's only allowed to use her legs and high heeled feet to fight them off.  Per the boss's instruction she torments them with her agility as they can't  lay a hand on her. She easily knocks them down and struts around them and teases them by saying, "even with my hands tied, my legs are too strong for you." The boss wants her to continue tormenting them by talking about her legs. I want to see her brush her thigh against one man's face ss she struts past him. I want her to say to them, "oh, the things you could do to my legs if only you were strong enough to tame them". She's so intrigued by what the boss is planning that she absentmindedly promises not to try to get to the phone so that the 4th man can help his buddies. She sees the hatred mixed with admiration as they stare at her legs.

Please note that the phone is set to speaker so that the boss can direct his men. However, when the boss speaks directly to Lillian, the men cannot hear the coversation. I would like Lillian to look into the camera when she talks to the boss.

The boss tells her, let them soften up your legs. Help them by assuming any position they demand of you. "Are you in"? As the 4 men surround her, she thinks, what a bizarre concession, as she parts her legs a little further signaling that she's  all in. The men are on their  knees as they grab her legs. 2 men are punching each leg from in front and behind her. She looks at them with amusement as she feels no pain. As they punch her thighs and calves, their frustration is evident as she can't help but laugh at them as she continues to taunt them at the boss's request. They are convinced that her stockings has some magical properties that protects her. They demand that she removes them. She laughs out loud as she walks to the chair as she casually slips out of the knot binding her hands. Sitting on the chair, she slowly removes her stockings and at their request hands them to 2 men who examine them by holding them up to the light while they stretch them and hold them close to their faces. She smirks at them as she starts to put  her heels back on. The other 2 men argue with each other about whether she should be in heels or barefoot. They settle on her wearing one heel only. (PLEASE NOTE: If wearing one shoe is not safe for Lillian, then she should just be barefoot). She drops the 2nd shoe as she slowly stands up. To compensate for the unevenness, she alternates by standing on her  tip toe or by slightly bending her knee of her other leg.

The positions I would like to see her in are as follows:

She is facing the wall with her palms flat against the wall  as she looks over her shoulder to see what they're doing. Her torso  should be closer  to the wall with her legs further away from the wall.

I would like to see her with her bare foot placed high against the wall as if she's pinning a man by the throat.

I also want her to approach a man and do a handstand as she places her legs on his shoulders. Instead of squeezing his head, she rests her legs on his shoulders.

In all of the above positions, 2 men will always be on each leg as they punch, slap and pinch her calves and thighs. I also want to 2 hands on her ankles as they grind and squeeze them.

If you have other positions she can be placed in, feel free to improvise.

At the end of these sequences, the men are on their knees, exhausted in their efforts to tame her legs. She stands amongst them with her legs parted, hands on her hips and a knowing smile that's meant to further irritate them.

All of that changes when one man inadvertently kneels on her bare toes. She involuntarily cries out (please  note, I want her to make the same sound as she did in Lillian, Black Canary part III, where the men first drag her to the ground, it's at the 6.43 mark in the video.  I would like her to make sounds like that or similar variations as she unexpectedly experiences pain throughout the video).

When she cries out in pain, a look of confusion will appear on her face as she tries to process the pain. The men, unaware that the pain from her toes caused her to cry out simply assumed that they finally wore her legs down. They quickly pounce on her legs and  begin to penetrate her thigh and calf muscles. The 4 men continue to pummel her legs until she can no longer stand. She finds herself kneeling before them as they stand around her.

The boss tells them to stand her up and tie her hands behind her back again. Her challenge is to fight his men with her hands tied and her weakened legs. He asks, "can you use your legs to fight my men off"? She replies, "I can barely walk, let alone, kick someone". He replies, "excellent, I expect you to find some way to be victorious as I have something special planned for your next challenge." In her pain filled mind, all she can think about is what dangerous, exciting challenges does he have in store for her. Through the swirling clouds of pain, she realizes that he doesn't want her to lose and she finds that thought pleasing.

The men tower over her when they surround her as she struggles to keep her balance.  Wearing one high heeled shoe doesn't  help. She can't stop them as they close in on her and proceed to pummel her belly and back. Her strategy is to buy time so that her legs can recuperate. She tricks them into thinking that they're hurting her by gasping and grunting with each punch they deliver to her belly, back and face.  Her only strategy is to lower her shoulder and drive it into a man's belly. She still cannot deliver high leg kicks but she's able to drive a knee into a man's groin, and when he drops to his knees, she drives a knee into his face knocking him out. Feel free to improvise  a short fight sequence where Lillian prevails.

Pleased with herself, she strolls around the men's bodies with her hands still bound and now looks at the camera and says, "now what"? In admiration, the boss says, "I knew you could do it. But you have to admit that it was just too easy." The thought of bringing the boss to justice fades to the background as she's eager to find out what the next challenge will be.

The boss tells her his men were stupid to think they could penetrate her abs. You will give them a chance to weaken your abs. Of course they will want you to remove your leotard to see if there is metal woven into your garment. When the time comes, you will be allowed to go into the other room to change into the clothes I've laid out for you.  I also know your legs are returning to full strength. If my men overlook that, I will remain silent because they are so stupid. He then asks her, "are you in"? She can't hide the excitement in her eyes as she looks into the camera and says, "yes".

Per the boss's instructions, she rouses the men by nudging them with her feet and taunts them by telling them that they're  a bunch of wimps. The boss eggs them on by yelling at them that they can't take down one girl with her hands tied. How many concessions does she have to give for you guys to overpower her?  If you want to move up in my organization,  you'll have to weaken her abs and make her beg for mercy. 

The men cautiously approach her as she stands with her legs apart and hands on her hips and a stern look on her face.  They're too afraid to get closer until she smiles at them and points at her abs and raises her hands to shoulder level and says, "do you think you have what it takes to weaken my abs"?  Two men press their fingers into her tummy and feel nothing but steel. Just as the boss predicted, they demand that she remove her leotard. She saunters slowly to the door and looks back at them to make sure they were staring at her ass. 

When she comes back out, her demeanor has changed. Instead of a confident and arrogant Black Canary, she's almost shy and a little self conscious to be in a room full of men in her underwear.The boss had a hunch that her demeanor would change without her costume.

Her attire should be as follows: The same black panties she wore in the custom video....they were perfect. However, I would like her bra to be more revealing on her upper chest. I would prefer her bra would have the same narrow  straps coming down her chest like they are coming down her back in my custom video. I would  like to see more of her upper chest and a little swell of the top of her breasts..  The bra should be black. She'll have black high heeled shoes.  I'd like her to wear the visor again. If you could somehow attach elastic straps to the ends so it stays secure, that would be great.  If not, it's okay that she still wears it.

She'll walk across the room in a non sensual manner...almost boyish in nature. Keeping her head down and hiding beneath her visor, she hands her leotard to the closest man. He makes a big production out of examining her leotard by holding it up to the light and then bringing it close to his face while she fidgets by shifting from one foot to the other as she clasps her hands nervously in front of lower tummy. 

The boss tells his men that since they were unable to defeat her, she is willing to make it easier for them to subdue her. On queue, she raises her arms behind her head as she pulls in her tummy and arches her back exposing her ribs while  subtly tilting her pelvis forward. The men cautiously surround her as one probes her belly with his fingers. The boss goads him by telling him that, yes, her abs are like steel, but punch her below her belly button, her muscles are not as strong there. He tells the other man to punch her lower back while telling the other 2 men on either side of her to punch her exposed ribs. Lillian remains silent as she is focused on the punishment her body is taking. With their hands starting to get sore, their frustration is evident as they shove her back against the wall. The man who was punching her back kneels in front of her right leg. His punches are directed at the front of her right hip bordering her panties while the other men continue to pummel her lower tummy and ribcage. Lillian is tolerating the beating silently until the man punching her hip inadvertently kneels on her toes. She yelps in surprise which encourages the men to hit her harder. She starts to push herself off the wall but 2 men grab her shoulders with one hand while their other hand  presses into her armpits causing her to yelp even louder. She never realized that pressure applied to her toes and armpits would distract her from keeping her leg muscles and abs hard.  The men incorrectly assumed that their punching her caused her muscles to weaken. They drag her to a padded ottoman and lay her on her back exposing her drawn in tummy. With her head bent back on one end and her legs splayed out on the other end, they pummel her belly and legs until she's almost sleeping. They quickly lift her to her feet and once again tie her hands. They are convinced that they can take her down. 

The boss asks her if she can take them down in her weakened state. Thru her pain filled eyes she tells him that she's never been beaten this severely. He tells her I know you can do this.....find a way to prevail. 

She staggers around the room as the men stalk her.

Please feel free to improvise this next sequence as  the men initially have the upper as they  surround her and try to knock her to the floor. Slowly and painfully the fight starts to even out by Lillian  using her shoulders and knees then eventually she gets the upper hand as her strength slowly returns and starts to knock them out using high leg kicks.

When the last man falls, the boss appears before her. He's  much older than she thought.....perhaps in his 60's and she can easily tell that he poses no physical threat to her. The boss tells her that she is magnificent. He reminds her of his promise to turn himself in to her custody if she prevailed. She remains silent as she's still breathing deeply from her previous exertions. He steps closer to her so that they are face to face. After observing her for months when she interfered with his organization, he's learned alot about her. She's  curious as to what he knows.

He tells her it's obvious why she wears her sexy Black Canary outfit.....she likes it when men stare at her. Yet, when she's in her underwear, she suddenly becomes self conscious. He reassures her by saying, "don't  worry, you're  even more beautiful with less makeup and even less clothing". He continues by telling her that when he first saw her, her hair was in a tight bun. Then, later, her hair was braided tightly. Now, it's flowing freely in a ponytail,.  My men never picked up on it because they are so stupid. But it's obvious. She's confused, she wants to know what's obvious. The fact that you want your hair pulled.  For emphasis, he reaches behind her and tugs on her ponytail. Her reaction takes her by surprise as she yelps with her eyes growing wide. He tugs on her hair one more time causing her to let out a long groan before he releases her ponytail and says "aside from your ponytail being pulled, you made no effort  to untie your hands. Embarrassed, she slips out of the knot as she digests what he just said. He tells her again that she can take him into custody, but he feels that she's not done here and that she needs to be challenged one more time.

After a long moment, she hands the rope back to him and turns her back to him. She places her hands behind her back and asked him what devious scheme did he have in mind. As he binds her hands, he whispers into her ear, "I'm glad you asked. This challenge will demand more of you. You may not prevail....but I pray that you will."  With that he whispers, unheard by anyone, in her ear. Her eyes grow wide as she says, "you must be joking". He responds, "are you in"?  She shakes her head, no saying "There's no way I can overcome that concession". He responds, "I know it's within you, if you dig down deep enough. Are you in"? A determined look sweeps over her face as she nods, yes.


He tells her to sit on the ottoman. Her knees are pressed together as well as her ankles as she sits demurlely. The boss rouses his men by slapping their faces. He yells at them saying they have no business being in his organization as the 4 of them cannot beat her even with hands bound. When they look at her, she looks downward using her visor to shield her eyes. He tells them she's offered one more concession in giving them another chance to defeat her. The boss riles them up saying she thinks you're a bunch of wimps and that she wants the boss to direct you on what to do because you guys are so stupid. The men get up and move towards her. The boss instructs one man to remove her high heels. She doesn't resist when he places his hand on her calf and extends her leg and then removes her shoe. He repeats the process with her other leg. Now barefoot, he tells 2 men to lift her up to a standing position by her bound arms. He tells her to slip out of the knot and place her hands behind her head with her elbows jutting out sideways. He tells her to pull in her tummy and remain in this position while they soften her up. "Will you comply" He asks her?  She whispers, "yes".

He tells 2 men to kneel by her legs and to grab her upper thighs with both hands and asked them what do they feel.

They respond, "legs of steel". He tells the other 2 men to stand on either side of her to use one hand each to probe her lower tummy bordering her panties with their fingers and asks them the same question. They  respond , "abs of steel". The boss in admiration says "excellent". He then instructs them to move quickly as simultaneously, 2 men kneel on her bare toes while the other 2 men drive their fists into her underarms. She yelps in surprise as her concentration is broken. The men, realizing that her muscles are relaxed, use both fists to pummel her legs and belly. She begins to wither under their assault as her arms drop to her sides.They start to punch her face as well as she staggers backwards  until she is up against the wall. They continue to beat her relentlessly until they turn her around and slam her face first into the wall so that they can bind her hands again behind her back.

Again, feel free to improvise with Lillian using her shoulders and her knees in this sequence. While the fight is going on, the boss, who is simply watching, is amazed at Lillian's endurance as she's being punished in an attempt  to buy time to regain her strength. As the fight starts  to even out, he's  not surprised at how stupid his men are as they make no attempt to pounce on her toes. When she gains the upper hand, she chooses to knock them down only, not knocking them outt. The boss realizes this as he walks up to face her. Breathing deeply, she thought this would be more of a challenge. He moves around so that he's behind her telling her, "this could end now. You can walk thru that door and take me into custody or stay here to find out what I have in store for you". When she remains silent, he grabs her ponytail and pulls back hard. She resists having her head pulled back as she let's out a long groan. He tells 2 men to grab her ankles and then punch her toes. That familiar yelp escapes her lips as her head is finally  pulled back exposing her throat. He tells the 3rd man to use his karate skills to jab and chop at her exposed  throat, making it difficult for her to catch her breath. He tells the 4th man to punch her below her belly button and bordering the top of her panties. Before releasing her ponytail, he tells her, " all you have to do is make it to the door, if you get past the door, I will come willingly with you to the police station. 

Again, feel free to improvise as the boss steps back to watch, with the men now pulling her ponytail and delivering blows to her exposed throat. They will also try to step on her toes during this sequence. Again, she slowly prevails.

With the men rolling around on the floor in pain, she chooses not to free her hands as she backs herself up to the door and looks over her shoulder to try to turn the knob. She's having difficulty as the boss slowly walks up to her and tells her, "I greased the door knob so that even with your incredible strength it would be difficult for you to turn the knob in order to break the lock". She looks at him in surprise as he detects another look on her lovely face; a look of wonder. Before she can react, he tells 2 men laying close by to grab her ankles and slide them apart a few inches. Satisfied, he places his hands on her slim hips and drives his knee into her groin. She rises up on her toes as she cries out in surprise. He drives his knee into her again causing her to slowly drop to her knees. He kneels down beside her and asks "can you fight them off". Gasping for air, "I don't know, I feel weak all over".

He tells her that he has faith in her...to dig down deep within herself. 

Again, please improvise, with Lillian starting from her knees receiving punishment. Before she eventually  regains her strength and  knocks the men, I would like to see iLillian laying face down on the floor as 2 men pummel the back of thighs. The other 2 men are by her shoulders and face as one man pulls on her ponytail while the other punches her face. With Lillian still resisting, they are finally able to roll her over onto her back. 2 men are kneeling on either side of face while 1 man holds her head down by gripping her ponytail and punching her face. The other man is pressing her shoulder  down with one hand while delivering karate chop blows to her exposed throat. The 3rd man is straddling her hips while using both fists to punch her entire belly and ribs. He will also bring both hands together and slam them into her upper chest. The 4th man will straddle one leg punching her thigh and then lifting  her leg up by her ankle and punch the back of her thigh. In spite of all this, Lillian will use her free leg to fight off each man, one at a time, until she's back on her feet.

The boss who is still kneeling, looks up at her in wonder and tells her he knew she would prevail and that she's a goddess and a goddess never loses. Having said that, he holds up his wrists, waiting to be tied.  Having forgotten that her hands are still tied, she quickly frees her hands and drops the rope on the floor, saying "I'm sore all over. Help me get dressed." 

She walks to the other room and then emerges dressed in her leotard. But she's holding her stockings and high heels. She turns her back to him telling him to make sure her costume is on correctly. He makes some adjustments before smoothing the fabric over her shoulders. He also runs his fingers thru her ponytail, smoothing out any wayward strands. She hands him her stockings before sitting on the ottoman...her knees pressed together. He slowly slides the stocking over her toes, then up to her ankle. She positions her leg to make it easier for him to slide the stocking up her leg. All the while, keeping het knees pressed together, as best as she can. He proceeds with the other stocking and pauses briefly to gently  kiss a bruise he sees on her ankle, then her shin, then again  just above her knee. She watches in silence as he kisses her leg. When he slides the stocking up her thigh, she raises one foot slightly for him to put the high heels on. When he's done, she sits back letting him look at her slightly parted thighs before pressing her knees together.

She starts to leave but he stops her by holding up the rope to her, reminding her that he is now her prisoner. She takes the rope from him as she considers her next step. After a few moments, she drops the rope on the floor between his knees and says, "I want you to take a small step in dismantling your criminal empire. You can start by turning over these 4 buffoons. I will be back here in one week to see what steps you have taken, but more importantly,  I want to see what devious plan you'll  come up with to take me down. I hope you'll have more than 4 men next time and that they are a lot smarter than these 4 idiots. He looks at her in awe as she walks to the door. She pauses there briefly to make sure his eyes were riveted to her ass. She closes the door behind her as she exits the apartment.

The final scene will be with  Lillian standing in the hallway. She stands up against the wall before bending over slightly as she places her hands on her sore  bare thighs above her stockings. A look of concern creases her brow as she looks into the camera and says, "what am I getting myself into"?


Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The exciting challenges for Lillian

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