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  • Naomi released herself by tickling the criminals

Custom clip request 

I would like Naomi to wear the black leotard from Crushing Naomi's Hands with clean bare feet. I would like her be playfully dominant as you and the other models have been in my previous videos. The bad guys can be played by the same man in a balaclava. 

The basic premise is that Naomi is held captive by a gang of terrorists and she defeats them by tickling them using fingers and toes. 


Scene 1

Please film from the perspective below with Naomi's face and soles in the shot most of the time, as in the pictures below. Naomi is sitting with her hands loosely tied next to a terrorist at a computer. The terrorist says to her "Watch while I take all your money from your bank - I just have to type in this password!" Naomi looks unimpressed and confident and rests her feet on the desk, smirking at the terrorist. He says "I will have the last laugh!" and she replies "Yes, I think you will."

He carefully types a few keys. Then he turns to her triumphantly and says "last character!" Naomi quickly presses a random key with a toe and taunts him "Password not recognised - Try again!" The terrorist is dismayed and starts carefully typing the code again. Naomi distracts him by putting her feet in his face and pushing his arms away from the computer.

Sometimes the terrorist tries to catch her feet but she moves them out of his reach, so he goes back to typing the code and she goes back to distracting him. 

This continues for a couple of minutes. Sometimes she tickles him with her toes and she teases him "Careful - you'll make a mistake!" After a few minutes of struggle he finishes and presses the final character with a triumphant cheer, but it doesn't work. Naomi laughs at him and says "You made a mistake! Only one attempt left."

The bad guy is very angry and gets up to attack Naomi. He strikes down at her and Naomi puts up her hands to block him. His punch goes through her bonds, freeing her hands. He is stunned while she giggles. She jumps up and runs away. He chases her and tries to hit and kick her but she is too quick and keeps dodging him. If her dodges could involve gymnastic moves then that would be great. For example, perhaps she could do the split to duck a punch or a cartwheel to get away.

A few times she tickles him and makes him collapse to the floor and she steps on him while he tries to get up, slowing him down.

After a while the terrorist gives up the chase and runs back to the computer to type the code in again. Naomi follows and tickles him. While he is laughing she reaches round him and presses a few extra keys for him while still ticking him. He collapses with laughter into the chair and Naomi sits on his knee while she types in the last few keys to lock her account. She shows him that the account is locked and he raises his arms to strike her. She quickly reaches under his arms and tickles him until he is on the floor. Then Naomi goes out of the room, blowing him a kiss.


Scene 2

There is a karate fighter in the next room. He bows to Naomi and adopts a fight stance. Naomi bows back and adopts a dancing pose. The guard looks confused at what she is doing but attacks enthusiastically. Naomi dances out of the way and the guard attacks thin air. Naomi teases him verbally while he gets frustrated. This repeats a few times until the guard is exhausted.

While he is recovering Naomi dances past him to a chair on the other side of the room and sits down, raising her soles to the guard and wiggling her toes at him saying "come to get me!" Please film this from the perspective below, which will show Naomi's face and soles or from the point of view of the guard but NOT from Naomi's point of view:

The guard attacks with punches but Naomi moves her feet to dodge his punches. She teases him and mocks him as he keeps failing to hit her. After a while she slips her feet under his arms and tickles him with her toes as above. He laughs and retreats. Then he tries again, but again Naomi dodges and tickles him with her toes again. This continues until the guard falls to the ground.

As the guard falls another guard enters the room (it can just be the same male actor) and goes to attack the still seated Naomi. She raises her feet to defend herself and the guard raises his hand to strike her. But very quickly gets distracted by the beauty of her feet and stares at them, mesmerised. Naomi realises what has happened to him and giggles, saying "watch carefully". She dances her feet slowly in front of his face, deliberately hypnotising him (please include some filming from the guard's point of view). After a while he is totally frozen. Naomi checks he is frozen by pretending to kick him in the face and he doesn't flinch. Then Naomi raises her eyes to the ceiling at how stupid he is, gets up and leaves the room, with the guard still frozen.


Scene 3

Naomi enters a room like she is being chased. She quickly hides behind the door. A boxer enters and walks round the room slowly looking for her. Naomi quietly follows him closely around the room, staying very close behind him so he cannot see her. The boxer pauses, confused that he cannot find her and Naomi tickles him from behind until he collapses. Then she moves away and faces him like a boxer. He swings at her a lot but she is too fast and keeps ducking, sometimes tickling him as she dodges passed him. 

After a good tickling the boxer falls to the floor. Naomi twists his mask round so that he cannot see. Naomi plays cat-and-mouse with him, tugging his shirt and calling him before moving away so he tries to hit her but misses. The boxer should be really bad at trying to find her. I would like Naomi to mix in some tickling with with the teasing. So sometimes she pokes him to get his attention and sometimes she tickles him a little before backing off and making him punch and miss again. Sometimes she gets really close before tickling, enjoying that the boxer does not know she is there. Sasha did this really well, as below.

At the end the attacker collapses on the floor after one long tickle attack and Naomi poses victoriously over him.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi released herself by tickling the criminals

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