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Scene 1:

Sasha, barefoot shirtless slave in underwear (big and strong slave as in “Lillian puts experiments on her guinea pig”), and Lillian dressed as "Lillian punishes her slave for escaping", red shoes, short pants and tight red T-shirt without a bra as in the photo, with loose hair and no hat.

 They are all in the living room of Sasha's house, no carpet please.

Sasha- kneeling slave. I'm going on vacation for a month and I've asked my little sister Lillian to be in charge of the house. You must obey her as if she were me. She is a little girl but she can be very cruel.

Lillian barely sticks out her tongue.

Lillian- thank you big sister for lending me your house and your slave. Can I do what I want with him?

Sasha- of course. If he doesn't obey you can punish him.

Lillian- I can punish him too just for fun.

Sasha- of course little sister, but be careful not to permanently injure him or kill him.

Lillian jumps for joy.

Lillian- thank you sister. You can go on vacation.

Lillian walks around the slave to examine him.

Lillian- I've never killed anyone, could you let me kill this garbage. It would be my first murder.

Sasha- you can torture him all you want but don't kill him. I need it and it's hard to get another one.

Lillian walks around the slave and kicks him in the private parts.

Lillian- please big sister ... my first murder.

The slave cries.

Sasha- I said no. And now I must pack my bags.

Sasha leaves the scene.

Lillian- standing slave.

The slave stands up. She wears a dog leash around her neck. She makes him spin around while she talks to him.

Lillian- now that my sister is gone, I'm the one in charge. You must do everything I tell you without protesting

Slave- yes miss

Lillian- If not, I'm going to punish you severely, I'm going to punish you anyway ha ha. I am young and I must have fun.

Slave- please miss.

She repeatedly kicks him in the testicles.

Scene 2.

We see a sign that says "Three days later"

The slave is on the floor polishing a pair of black stiletto boots. We see many marks of bumps and bruises on his body. He has cuts all over his body.

Lillian is lying on a sofa (no bed please) like in the photo.

She is wearing  underwear looking at her phone with her red shoes. The camera rotates and we see the scene from various angles. The slave looks at Lillian's beauty. She suddenly realizes.

Lillian- you were looking at my ass despicable bug.

Slave- no miss, I'm just polishing your boots as you ordered. I don't want you to keep hitting me like all these days.

Lillian stands up and kicks the slave. She grabs her boots.

Lillian- human garbage, boots are poorly polished. Prepare for your punishment. Present your testicles for my kicks.

Slave- no please miss. I am very sore

Lillian- obey or it will be worse.

The crying slave kneels down and spreads his legs showing his intimate parts. Lillian kicks him repeatedly. Then she reaches down and grabs his testicle. She squeezes it until it explodes.

Lillian- I love hearing testicles exploding, it's the best music.

The slave falls and cries clutching his private parts.

Lillian- now stand up!!!. I'm going to get dressed and you will help me.

The slave, with great difficulty moving, takes off her shoes and puts her short pants on.

Lillian- above, that fits snugly.

The slave raises the shorts until it fits well. She presents her feet for the slave to put her shoes on. The slave puts a shoe on her feet, she finishes putting it on by sticking the heel into the slave's thigh. Then the slave puts the other shoe on her feet and then she orders him to help her with the top. She is dressed as in scene 1.

She walks in circles provocatively.

Lillian - am I pretty slave?

slave -yes miss

Lillian -don't you dare get excited with me, you are not a man.

Lillian pushes the slave against the wall with one hand on his chest. Then she calculates and punches him several times on the nose until she breaks it. The slave falls to the ground crying. We see blood coming out of his nose.

Scene 3.

Lillian dressed as in scene 1. She is sitting in a couch with the slave as in the photo:

Lillian puts a hand in the private parts of the slave.

Lillian -it's so much fun to torture you

Slave - my whole body hurts

lillian -I am a young girl and I must have fun, develop my natural sadism

While talking she changes position as follow:

This position with the knee on the slave's testicles.

Lillian -I'm so bored, I'm tired of hitting you.

Slave -aahhrggg please miss, the pain is terrible

Lillian -why is it that men's testicles hurt so much?

Slave - please miss, I need a rest day

Lillian -no garbage, for you there is only endless pain.

Lillian -today is my birthday !!!

Slave -happy birthday miss arghhh

Lillian -thank you human trash

Suddenly the cell phone rings. Lillian talks to her sister Sasha.

While talking she continues pressing the slave balls with her knee.

Lillian stands up and jumping in joy says:

Lillian -my sister gave me the best gift: you!!!!, now you are mine and I can do whatever I want with you.

Slave –noooo 

Lillian -yeah, I'm going to kill you ... my first murder ... I'm so happy .... thank you Lesley dear !!!!

Lillian sits next to the slave in the following position

As she talks, she kicks the slave's testicles.

Lillian -how am I going to kill you?, help me decide a death that is very painful.

Slave -just kill me miss, one shot in the head.

Lillian kicks his testicles several times and changes position as follows:

As they speak she moves seductively and sticks her tongue out several times. She puts a hand on the private parts of the slave. 

Lillian -Come on, don't be mean, I can drown you already. 

slave -if that makes you happy miss, do it

lillian -you have no choice, idiot ... maybe I can cut you into little pieces, like sushi !!!! slave sashimi !!!! Hahaha

slave -you can bury me alive if it makes you happy

lillian - what a good slave, always eager to please her owner.

They improvise 2 more minutes.

lillian -I know, a bit of everything !!!!

Scene 4.

Lillian dressed as scene 1 and 3.

She carries him around his neck with a rope forcing him to walk. She tries various hanging drills and when the slave appears dead she revives him with kicks. It is repeated 3 times.

Then she drowns him in a bucket of water but without letting the slave die. 3 times

Lillian –now stand up. I will kill you with a knife.

Slave (he barely can´t talk) –please miss let me live

Lillian –what for? Your excistence is miserable. Youmust be thankfull to me for finish you.

Then she finishes him with a knife. Firts she puts him against the Wall with a hand on his chest. Both stand up. She cuts him all over his body (an ear, a nipple, an eye),  she draw several furrows on his body. 

Always enjoying sadism and subtly sticking out her tongue repeatedly.

Lillian –I’am an artist.

Slave –I’am afraid I don’t want to die!!!

She castrates him. He falls down to the floor crying.

She kills him.

Lillian –this was my best birthday ever!!!

The slave is still living but dying.

Lillian- (putting a foot on the slave) Are you still alive? I have no trouble. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Little sister

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