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  • Erick meets Rob to take revenge

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The reason why the two fight is because Rob try it on with cop Erick's girlfriend. Erick meets Rob alone to take revenge and get Rob to leave his girlfriend alone.

in the first round the two insult each other and take off their shirts remaining in jeans and shirtless, Erick says: "I'll make you stop wanting to try it with my girlfriend, you have to stay away from her, do you understand Rob?"  the policeman wears a pair of tight and shiny black leather gloves (not fingerless gloves), Rob says:” Are you wearing gloves Erick? Do you want to be tough? " Erick plays hard with the gloves opening them and clenching their fists and a fist on the palm of the other gloved hand and says: “yes Rob, you will taste my gloved fists! " and Rob says: “cop I'll knock you out with your fucking black leather gloves! "  The fight begins, the fight must only be punched, in the face and stomach, the grunts and groans that the fighters emit when they receive the punches and their expression in the face must be heard. The two fighters exchange several punches and the policeman seems to have the better by knocking out his opponent, and celebrating the victory by showing the opponent his muscles and kissing his gloved fists, the policeman is turned from behind and the opponent pretends for being out from behind he hits him with a punch in the balls (groan and displeasure of the policeman while holding the balls in his hands and ends up on his knees), the opponent takes advantage of the fact that the policeman is stunned by the blow, he throws him back and begins to hit him with a flurry of punches in the face and stomach, the policeman groans more and more dazed and receiving so many punches ends up with his back to the wall, after a long barrage of punches to the stomach and face, the policeman has a stunned look and gasps, he succeeds weakly to bring the gloved fist to his face and to massage his mouth and jaw with the back of his fist, (closely the stunned policeman and the gloves) the opponent taunts him and says: " gloved cop the first round is mine and now get ready for an uppercut. The policeman who still rubs his jaw murmurs faintly: "n..no ... p ... please"! the policeman receives (shot in slow motion) a powerful uppercut from his opponent, (policeman's big moan) the policeman stands a few seconds against the wall with his head towards the other, then falls to his knees and to the ground on his belly below, first of the squint-eyed policeman rubbing his jaw with his gloved fists (both palm and back) as he gasps, then turns his eyes and getting out with a faint moan.


The second round starts with the winner making fun of his opponent and the cop recovering by massaging his face with his gloved hands. The policeman is determined to take revenge and the fight begins again! Opponents exchange lots of punches to the stomach and face, even though the cop is still weak from the first round, he holds the fight well and seems at one point to punch his opponent several times, but the opponent is wrong and manages to give a knee on the policeman's balls, the policeman emits a loud groan of pain and his opponent takes advantage of it, starts hitting him with a very long barrage of stings in the stomach and face, the policeman grunts and groans with expressions of pain and dizziness, the policeman receives a strong right to the jaw that slams him face up against the wall and his opponent takes advantage of this to hit him repeatedly in the kidneys and sides, (close-up of the policeman with his face against the jerking wall), the opponent has now understood that the policeman can no longer react, he turns him with his back to the wall and begins a long sequence of punches to the stomach and face, the policeman with the stoned expression does nothing but moan and grunt, after this long sequence the opponent hits him with a very strong punch in the stomach and keeps him pressed while turning it, the body of the policeman gasps (close-up of the policeman for several seconds, eyes wide open and mouth wide open from which a long muffled moan comes out, in which he weakly brings his gloved fist to his mouth massaging it with the back of his fist), the policeman is almost stretched out, the opponent releases his fist and the policeman falls to his knees, at which point his opponent kicks him in the face, the policeman ends up on the ground, his opponent pulls him up making him sit down, the policeman who in the meantime always holds his jaw with the back of his gloved fist, looks at his opponent in amazement, the winner tells him: "The lesson of the gloved policeman was enough ? Now you don't play tough in your black leather gloves huh? Yes, good, the only thing you can do is massage your face with your gloved hands. Who is the strongest? ", The policeman mutters faintly, making a few moans:" ..... you hit me hard .... ugh! .... yes ... stop it ...... I give up .. I give up ... not anymore ..... you are the strongest I give up ugh! .. my black leather gloved fists couldn't beat you ... ugh! Fuck enough ... enough you won .... please knock me out ... .. "! His satisfied opponent says:" good! I will have fun with your girlfriend, now she is mine !! and now goodnight gloved cop!!  " at that point the opponent gives a last punch to the policeman's stomach by holding it down, the policeman opens his eyes wide and instinctively keeps the back of his gloved fist pressed to his mouth so as not to vomit, while he gasps, the opponent continues to hold the fist pressed until the policeman rolls his eyes and getting out with a groan. The final shot is the body of the policeman, with close-ups of his face and gloved hands.

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Erick meets Rob to take revenge

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