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  • Klara finishes her rival throwing him from stairs

Custom clip request 

Karate man throwing heavy karate chops and karate chopping the stairway rails and ready to fight. She comes in and confronts him, put hands over waist stares at him like 

5 to 10 seconds to scare him with very mean look (legs spread apart, pantyhose toes can be seen). She now tells him “so you are the balcony expert, I have lost several of my karate agent men thrown by you but your time is up now, I am the balcony expert karate agent that’s why they send me here to finish you””. The karate man get afraid, decides to escape, and go up the stairs to finish her up there like her other agents. He escapes going up the stairs a little, she still has hand over waist looking at him, he turns around looking at her one more time, she now chases him up. In the middle of stairs he kicks back at her hard but she bend way down miss the kick, they keep going up and chase continues, he keep looking back and sees her behind him and keeps on kicking at her but she keeps bending or going side way miss all the kicks, please show on one of the kicks she bends from the rail almost falling down but manage to gain the control and finally they get up there. Now he sees no way to escape, looks down sees her coming up in karate pose. They both go to very mean look karate pose. She now goes up the stairs next to him they exchange chops, she karate chop his neck and stomach few times to get him under control. 

From here on show everything filmed from downstairs like pic.6 or pic 8 view (stairways below):

He now grabs her and pushes her against the balcony rail to throw her out with his hand on her neck pushing hard. She raises her hand way up karate chops his neck, he gets thrown back against the wall hurt. He now puts both hands punched attacks her full power, she goes side way and just pushes on his back with her hand and throws him down just like pic.1. except with her back to camera (filmed from downstairs), please don’t grab him when throwing him, just touch him one shot like pic.1, cut the scene here. On the resume scene after the throw, still filming from downstairs, she can be seen behind the balcony rail bending way down then turns around slowly hands coming up and up then way up to the air she facing the camera pic.2,3,4 says “haaaaaaa” please put hands shape just like pic.4 (ballet type, do that identical to pic.4 if you can, really like that pose). She freezes in pic.4 pose for 5 sec.

Now Still filmed from downstairs (like pic6 or 8 view), she shows him the throw pose one more time, she turns her back to him, hands in karate chop, then bend her knees way down hide behind the rails, then turns around slowly repeats pic1,2,3,4 say “haaaaaa”. Please try to show them both in the scene. Man looking at her pose from downstairs (best you can do, at least showing his face in the scene)


She shows him the throw pose one last time like above, but this time filmed from upstairs (pic7 view) with man downstairs, show them both in the scene, again she turns her back to him like previous scene, then pic1,2,3,4 she says “haaaaaaa”

She now goes downstairs next to him, toes right front of his eyes (his eyes wide open looking at it), checks his pulse on the neck says “hummm”, then puts hands over waist stares at him for 5-10sec and says “ “balcony throw expert man has been thrown out of the balcony by balcony expert karate woman”…his eyes wide open looking at her toes…..you can show this part from upstairs or whatever angle is the best for you.

Language: Russian with English subtitles


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Klara finishes her rival throwing him from stairs

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