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  • Sasha's windsreen wiper kicks

Custom clip request 

Leading actress: Sasha

Male actors: 1

Sasha clothes: bra and shorts so you can see her long legs and barefoot please

Length: 12 minutes

Please only windscreen wiper kicks !!! from different angles!

Script: Sasha and her husband are sitting on the couch. Her husband says that he likes it when you raise women by slapping them.

Sasha cannot tolerate this and will punish him. She takes her feet up and brushes them several times through his face.

She says: They're going to slap you now. The man laughs!

The first round is about 1 minute with the kicks. She pauses briefly and brushes her feet across his face again. He is horrified and tells her to stop.

the second run starts again with about 1 minute. He begs her to stop. Sahsa just laughs and says that she is far from finished.

Sasha sits down and enjoys the situation. Her husband tries to escape and runs towards the door.

What he did not know yet Sasha also has the ability to control him through thoughts. She now uses this and brings him to a standstill, lets him turn to himself and orders him to come back slowly. He tries to fight it but no chance.

She orders him to get down on his knees and stretches one foot in front of his face. First the toe wiggles and then the foot. The man asks for mercy. Through her thoughts she orders him to press his nose between her toes.

That will be a lesson for you now, says Sasha and starts the last round with the windshield wiper kicks.

The man remains on the floor and Sasha sits down on the couch again!

Sound effects: Please hear the mind control and the kicks in your face.

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Sasha's windsreen wiper kicks

  • Brand: SASHA
  • Product Length: 12 minutes
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