female fighting stories

  • Wonder Ivy struggles to free herself

Custom clip request 

actress ivy

scenario: 1

ivy enters a room two men are lying on the ground ivy passes between the two men.

both men grab her ankles ivy struggles to get free after 5 minutes

ivy frees himself and leaves the room

scenario: 2

ivy walks into another room with a bed in the middle of the room.

ivy walks around the bed four hands grabs her ankles ivy falls to the floor and struggles.

after 5 minutes ivy frees himself and leaves the room

scenario: 3

ivy enters a room for four man waited hidden behind furniture and leaves one by one

and fight ivy but ivy and too strong for them punch and kick

2 men fall to the ground ko ivy fights the 2 standing men.

the 2 men surrounds ivy .ivy struggles to hit them the 2 men move a lot.

the 2 men on the ground wakes up and begins to crawl on the ground towards ivy she does not see them.

the 2 men grabs her ankles ivy stays standing and the 2 standing men starts banging ivy

ivy defeat herself as best she can but after 5 minutes ivy falls to the ground.

1 men wrap these arms around these legs

1 other men wrap those arms around those thighs

1 other pulls his arms above his head

1 men punch her in the stomach

after 5 minutes ivy pair acquaintance

end of scenario

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Wonder Ivy struggles to free herself

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