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  • Melanie hired Ivy to get back at Naomi

Custom clip request 

This is for Namoi, Melanie and Ivy. I will just refer to them as N, M and I. If good, send me link and I will make payment.

Outfits: Athletic clothes for all (yoga pants, etc.) and socks for all. Hair up for all.

No punches, high kicks, flexible/gymnastic Moves for all.

N begins stretching in a split and her phone. M walks in from behind (she doesn’t she is there) and stands behind her and does a high kick over N (still in split) and hold it over her. N looks up and says “you again”. N now standing looking at M says “you really want to do this again? And does a high kick and stops short of M face and holds it.” M says “ yes and that things will be different this time. N says the only thing different this time will be I will knock you out with my left foot instead of my right foot.” As this is going on Ivy walks in from behind N (N does not see her) and when talking is finished, Ivy standing behind N does high kick that comes under N chin above head. N staggers backwards and Ivy cartwheel forward to a laughing M and stand next to her looking at N. 

N says 2 on 1, I still like my odds. N runs at both of them, but they both drop inTo the splits and N does flying kick over them. 

N turns around and is met by a double side kick to the face. Then Ivy throws a punch and N catches it. Then N does a SidE Kick while holding Ivy arm to M face and then brings her Kick across to Ivy face (foot never hits ground). 

N facing M, M does high kick and N drops to split and does 1 punch to M. Bends over infront of N, but Ivy from behind N does axe kick to top of her head (while in split) and M does split in from of N and does 1 chop to throat with a loud kiya. N falls back but Ivy catches her and stands her up. 

N standing M and Ivy take turns throwing high kicks at N laughing and playing around. After a 2 or 3 kicks each, they take turns showing off and trying to out do each other’s move.  

First, Ivy push’s N forward to M, M catches her and stands her up. M then bends over and puts her head on the side of N hip and brings her leg up high from the back and kicks N head(scorpion kick).

Second,N stumbles Back towards Ivy who does a jump kick to Namoi. 

Finally, with Naomi in the middle M on the left and Ivy on the right with there backs to N. Both kick high over should and each strike the side of N head at the same time (there foot should be an L, like the toes are hitting her, not flat).

Naomi drops to her knees. M does cartwheel kick N and the Ivy does same across to the other side. M puts foot underneath N chin and lifts her up towards Ivy To hold. 

M does roundhouse kick, but N drops to split to avoid and she hits Ivy. N still in split, pushes the dazed Ivy leg out and she falls into a split behind her. M does low kick to N (still in split), but N catches it and throws her leg forward and she falls into split (all 3 in split). N stands up and jumps and drops to a split drives her foot into each crotch as she drops to a split (think letter H when it is done). 

N picks Ivy up with foot under chin (M still in split but laying forward in pain). N does couple high side kicks to Ivy then does a standing jump kick to her. Ivy does not go down, so N stands back and says “one more should do it” does to do another jump kick, but M (still in split), grabs her leg and pulls her down. N falls to one knee and tries to push her off, but Ivy does a high kick where she kicks her leg up and holds it and tells N to turn around and when she does says “don’t forget to pick your teeth up when you get up” and drops the kick on the side of her face and knocks her out. 

M is takes N phone, does a split next to her knock out body and takes a selfie. She talks up and does a few kicks over her defeated opponent with Ivy looking on. 

She goes to High five Ivy, but she drops into a split and punches her “and says that is for hitting me earlier”. Ivy then finishes her off with a unique flexible/gymnastic combo move (2 or 3 moves) in total to end it. 

If Ivy can’t do flexible/gymnastic move to end, alternative would be. Ivy goes to High five M and Drops to split and hits Ivy and says “there can only be one winner here” and then she finishes it with the unique flexible/gymnastic combo (3 moves total) to end it.

I put language in, but feel free to add additional as needed. Also, they can walk normal. And if doing multiple kicks/moves no more than 3 of the same in a sequence.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Melanie hired Ivy to get back at Naomi

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