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Lillian and Luke are walking while talking. They go past Tom, who address Lillian, trying to flirt and to humiliate Luke, in the same time:

“What you doing sexy? Took your gorilla for a walk?”

“What did you say?” Luke snaps turning towards Tom.

“Leave him! He doesn't worth it” intervenes Lillian.

Luke, even if is not what he wants, he turns and continues to walk.

Tom pushes again:

“You've trained your gorilla well. Send it home and come meet a real man!”

Luke stops and turns again towards Tom.

“Do you want this gorilla to mop the floor with you?”

“Come on, don't bother!” Lillian tries to calm Luke, while pulling his arm. But Luke doesn't move.

“Yes, stupid gorilla, go away before you get your ass served to you!” Tom taunts.

Luke takes one step closer to Tom.

“Come on! Fight me, weakling! Let's see who's the man!” retorts Luke, taking a fighting stance.

“Bring it on, you overgrown monkey!” responds Tom, preparing to fight.

“For fuck's sake!” interjects Lillian trying to pull Luke back by his arms.

“Stay out of it!” responds Luke without losing sight of Tom.

“Fine!” says Lillian exasperated and she looks for a spot where she can sit down, and sits.

“I won't be long sexy!” yells Tom to Lillian. Lillian just ignores him.

Luke moves fast and hits Tom, throwing him backwards, to the floor.

A fight ensues (2 minutes), in which Tom is thrown around by Luke. Tom doesn't have time to mount a serious offensive, so he is on the receiving end and tries to defend himself, parry or avoid Luke's attacks. Tom manages to launch some punches and kicks, but with negligible effects.

Tom becomes dizzy after a few punches to his head.

Luke takes some time to mock Tom while he is dizzy.

“A weakling like you will never be a man!”

Luke forces Tom to his knees, then, holding Tom's head with one hand, prepares a punch to Tom's head.

“Time to go to dream land, idiot!”

Tom comes around and sees Luke preparing to put his lights out, so he quickly uppercuts/ punches Luke in the balls.

Totally surprised, Luke bends over slightly, clutching his groin with one hand, but he doesn't release Tom' head. Tom is surprised that his cheapshot didn't floor Luke and starts to panic.

After a few moments Luke prepares again a punch to Tom's head.

Tom again punches Luke in the groin. This time Luke bends over more and again grabs his groin with one hand, but still doesn't release Tom, who begins to struggle to escape Luke.

After a few seconds of fighting the pain in his manhood, Luke brings a knee to the side of Tom's head. Tom manages to shield his head with his arms, but he is still projected to the floor.

“Take this, you dirty cheat!”, Luke exclaims while kicking Tom’s side/gut/etc. Tom crawls on the ground, trying in vain to avoid Luke's kicks.

Tom is drained of all resistance.

Luke gets Tom to his knee once again, holds his head with on hand. He taunts Tom.

“If you would have been just a bit stronger, you could have done some damage with your cheapshots. But now it's time to pay!”

Luke prepares a punch, but Tom brings his hands together and brings them between Luke's legs, with all his strength.

Luke freezes for a few moments (camera shows this) then bends over grabbing his balls with both hands, releasing Tom, who fells to the floor.

Lillian comes over to Luke to help him, but Luke tells her to stay out of it. Frustrated, Lillian goes back to her seat. While Lillian goes back, Luke is with his back turned to Tom. Tom gets up and kicks Luke between the legs.

A fight ensues (3 minutes). The fight is somehow cyclic: Tom successfully attacks Luke, but Luke manages to recover and gain the upper hand (fighting clean), and Tom uses consecutive lowblows (usually 2 or 3- kicks from front/behind, knees, punches) to gain the upper hand back and wear Luke down.

At one point, Tom kicks Luke between the legs from behind and Luke falls to his knees holding his groin. Tom mocks him for being weak and that a few cheapshots made him crumble. Then Tom punches his face to knock him off, but, even if Luke was affected, he remained on his knees, but he is dizzy. Tom tries to knock him out and punches him again. Luke is still standing. Tom tries again, but Luke is still not knocked out. Tom complains (for himself) that his hand hurts from punching Luke.

Tom brings his hands together and hits Luke again over the face. Finally, Luke falls, knocked out.

Lillian approaches and checks on Luke.

“Ready to be with a real man?” asks Tom.

Lillian moves quickly and slams Tom to the wall and pushes him on the chest with her arm.

Tom is surprised and a little scared, but Lillian begins flirting with him. She is sensual towards Tom and he seems to enjoy it.

“So, you are a real man…” says Lillian sensually.

“Yes" responds Tom bewitched by Lillian.

“Let's test this” continues Lillian.

“How will you do that?” asks Tom playful, still waiting for Lillian to make the next move.

Lillian smiles and seems that she will kiss Tom. Tom thinks she will do that so he gets closer, but Lillian abruptly knees him hard in the groin. Tom bends over holding his groin, not believing the pain he is in.

Lillian lets him recover a few moments and gets him again to the wall. Tom is a bit panicked and just waits to see what happens.

Again, she is acting sensual and she makes Tom feel safe again.

“I understand; you like to play rough” Tom asserts and tries to touch her.

Lillian, playfully slams Tom against the wall.

“No, no, no!” she says and begins to slowly get Tom's t-shirt off, caressing his abs and pecs. Tom plays along and is enthralled by Lillian's attention. Lillian gets his t-shirt off. Then caress Tom's body from pecs to abs and goes down to Tom' groin and squeezes a bit.

“Ah! Be gentle!” Tom responds, but in line with a playful mood.

Lillian again goes to Tom's abs and then goes down to his groin and squeezes again.

“Umph" Tom interjects, trying not to show the pain.

“Come on, a real man can take it a bit rough" Lillian continues.

Lillian continues to be sensual for a few moments.

“Close your eyes" says Lillian.

Tom hesitates.

“It will be more pleasurable like that. Come on, relax!”

Tom closes his eyes. Lillian continues to touch Tom then quickly punches Tom hard in his balls.

“Argh!” Tom yells bending over. He pushes Lillian back and grabs his balls.

“So, you can dish it, but cannot take it. You’re not a man, you're just a brat.” continues Lillian.

Tom attacks Lillian.

A fight ensues (3 minutes). Tom is very aggressive, but Lillian holds her own. She takes every opportunity to kick/punch/knee/slap Tom in the balls. (6 or 7 times)

Every time Tom is nursing his balls, Lillian mocks and taunts him.

Finally, after a kick to his balls from behind, Tom falls to his knees holding his groin. Camera captures the reaction.

Lillian gets him up and pushes him to a wall. Tom tries to push her away, but he is too weak.

“You are just a silly boy, aren't you?” asks Lillian.

Lillian grabs his balls and squeezes.

“Say it! You are a silly boy!” Lillian orders.

“Mph!” Tom avoids saying anything and tries to get Lillian's hand from his groin.

Lillian squeezes harder.

“Keep your hands off!” she orders and slaps his balls.

Tom complies and keeps his hands to his sides.

Lillian grabs and squeezes again his balls.

“Say it!” Lillian orders again and squeezes harder.

“I'm a silly boy" says Tom in a low voice.

“I can't hear you! Louder!” says Lillian.

Tom hesitates, but Lillian again squeezes his balls.

“I'm a silly boy" Tom says completely broken.

“Let me go, please...” he continues.

“As long as you said please…”, Lillian responds and releases her grab to Tom's groin.

He falls to his knees, holding his balls.

“Take your t-shirt and go!” Lillian continues.

Tom gets up slowly, then go and gets his t-shirt and wants to leave. But from behind he receives another kick to his groin. He falls to the floor in a fetal position, holding his manhood.

Lillian gets him up. Tom is dizzy. Camera shows this for 6-7 seconds.

“Call me when you recover. We’ll have some good times." Lillian whispers Tom in his ears, then swings her hand and punches Tom in the balls one final time. Tom bends over and leans on Lillian, then slides to his knees and manages to stand just because he is leaning on Lillian. Lillian brings her knee into Tom's jaw, throwing him on his back, knocked out.

Lillian goes to Luke, slaps his face to make him come around. He does, but he is very groggy. Lillian helps him up and helps him walk away.

“You know you behaved like a big, stupid gorilla…” states Lillian.

“You're right" Luke agrees, massaging his groin.

They leave.

The camera pans over Tom's body then backs away. Fade to black.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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