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  • The feature film: The mystery lady

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This film is an experiment! It is not similar to my usual works. It's not a regular clip. This is feature film in detective genre. Enjoy my new work!

                                             THE SUBJECT 

Investigating the death of a fashion photographer, the police discover that he is the link in a dark case of blackmail and murder.


At the beginning of the story, Andy Rice, a fashion photographer is murdered by Diana Nichols, a former CIA agent, who wants to avenge the death of his half-sister Ashley Morgan. To achieve her goal, Diana acts under the identity of Julie Wells, an independent secretary. Harvey Cox is the CEO of a banking company who has subsidiaries in Europe and South America, but he is also a businessman who launders dirty money for a Colombian cartel. A year ago, Ashley Morgan stole from her the list of business leaders involved in money laundering; Harvey Cox uses Bradley Mills, a corrupt police officer, to find Diana Nichols. He also relies on Dan Russell, a thug, to keep an eye on witnesses to the murder of Ashley Morgan, Jarod Sanders, the ex-boyfriend and Tyler Rice, the twin brother of Andy Rice. The investigation is entrusted to detective Jarod Sanders, an experienced police officer, who must team up with a young recruit, Noemi Baker. Quickly, they are convinced that the murder of Andy Rice is linked to the murder of Ashley Morgan and they discover that Andy and Tyler Rice lied about their alibi, the night that Ashley Morgan died. Tyler Rice is arrested, and confesses that his brother Andy, along with Dan Russell and others, made the murder of Ashley Morgan, to protect a businessman whose name he does not know. Jarod Sanders is questioned but he denies knowing the reason for the dispute between Andy Rice and Ashley Morgan, the evening when Ashley had his fatal accident. Detective Peter Conrad interviews Diana Nichols, aka Julie Wells, who was hired as secretary by Andy Rice. Diana tells her that she only met Andy recently and that she doesn't know anything that could help the investigation. Meanwhile, Harvey Cox learns that Diana Nichols is a former CIA agent, which worries him because he must meet Carlos Mendoza soon, he asks Bradley Mills to find Diana Nichols. Investigators Conrad and Baker discover that the night of the murder of Ashley Morgan, Andy Rice has called Jarod Sanders and the Golden Club, a Manhattan night bar run by Dan Russell. Conrad questions Dan Russell but the latter does not teach him anything that can advance the investigation, however Baker, while looking for files, discovers that the Golden Club belongs to a banking company, the bank of the postal loan and the name of the CEO is Harvey Cox. Diana Nichols is about to visit Jarod Sanders to ask him the name of the man who killed his half-sister, Ashley Morgan, but she receives the unexpected visit of Steve Brown who works as Andy Rice in the photograph of fashion. He doesn't know that Diana is a former CIA assassin; he tells her that he knows she was with Andy Rice when she died and that he would explicitly like to have a good time with her; Diana lets Steve Brown enter her apartment. Bradley Mills advances in his investigation to discover where Diana Nichols is hiding; he learns that Andy Rice has recently hired a secretary, Julie Wells. Conrad and Baker search, Steve Brown who has missing; they also learn that Ashley Morgan was murdered for blackmailing a business boss. Investigators believe it was Harvey Cox, a businessman who was involved in the illegal trafficking of goods several years ago. Diana Nichols, in the guise of Julie Wells, meets Jarod Sanders and she threatens him so that Jarod gives him the name of the assassin of Ashley Morgan and fearing for his life, Jarod tells him that it is Dan Russell. Detectives Conrad and Baker discover the body of Steve Brown, also murdered. Harvey Cox has proof that Diana Nichols has the document he is looking for; he plans to secretly leave the United States for Colombia where he made a significant transfer of money to an offshore company. Bradley Mills discovers that Diana Nichols has taken the identity of Julie Wells.


Conrad questions Jarod again but the latter refuses to speak, Bradley Mills finds Diana Nichols, he reveals to him that he is the one who used Ashley Morgan to steal the document that he wanted to sell it, $ 1 million to Harvey Cox, he threatens Diana so that she gives him the document but Diana manages to escape him. Conrad and Baker learn that there was a of narcotics police officer at the scene of the accident that caused the death of Ashley Morgan, Lieutenant Bradley Mills. They also discover that Julie Wells is the pseudonym of Diana Nichols, a former CIA agent and Ashley Morgan's half-sister, Baker will interview Bradley Mills but he claims he was investigating Andy Rice; he also denies knowing Diana Nichols. For his part, Conrad goes to Julie Wells to find Diana Nichols but there is no one there, he discovers a notebook, forgotten by the killer in his escape, or it is written the address of a house in Brooklyn, he calls Baker who suspects that this is the place where Diana Nichols took refuge. Inside, Baker is surprised by Diana Nichols who threatens her, she also confesses to him the murders of Andy Rice and Steve Brown, Bradley Mills who followed Baker, suddenly appears and, in turn, he threatens Baker and Diana. Conrad learns from his chief, that Ashley Morgan was a police informer and Bradley Mills was his contact, Conrad realizes that Bradley Mills lied, he calls Baker but she does not answer. Bradley Mills wants Diana Nichols document, there is a fight and Baker, helped by Diana, manages to neutralize Bradley Mills and makes him confess that Harvey Cox wants to leave the United States to flee to Colombia, to get there; Harvey Cox needs Carlos Mendoza, the leader of a powerful gang of traffickers. Diana wants to kidnap Harvey Cox to prevent him from fleeing but Baker refuses then Diana knocks out Baker and she kills Bradley Mills who also confessed, to be the assassin of Ashley Morgan. Meanwhile, Harvey Cox eliminates anyone who could have him convicted; Jarod Sanders and Dan Russell are murdered. Diana Nichols manages to break into Harvey Cox's house and threatens him, but the latter has set him a trap and Diana is neutralized by two armed men, as they take him away, detectives Conrad and Baker appear at time to stop everyone. We learn at the end that Carlos Mendoza has been arrested, Harvey Cox is being prosecuted for money laundering and embezzlement, the investigators have also discovered photos of naked girls including that of Ashley Morgan in Steve Brown's apartment, most were models of Andy Rice. Diana Nichols has been transferred to a New York prison and will be defended by her father's office. Finally, Detective Peter Conrad, reluctant at first, admits that Noemi Baker, his young partner, did a very good job.

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The feature film: The mystery lady

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