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Custom clip request 

I wonder, whether Lilian could be recruited for another custom video. Let me call it "Yoga Lilian vs three fighters".  The short version is that Lilian is interrupted in her yoga by three men on their way to MMA (fighting) practice.  She fights them and she humiliates them.  The guys shouldn't just "fall easily" but really look like they are fighting hard and fighting back, meaning it. Lilian wins anyhow.  The movie can be shot outdoors or indoors.  I say about 30 minutes total.


for Lilian's attire, I hope it is ok to insist that she wears black Lululemon Yoga Pants.

As top, a sports bra would be best.  The one she used in "Lilian copes with 2 maniacs" would work. 

Three guys, dressed in sports attire and ready to go to MMA  ( = mixed martial arts, mixing various fighting syles) practice.  I will call them Anton, Boris and Ivan, but it does not really matter.  Ivan is the biggest of the three, Anton could be the smallest.

A rope to tie Lilian's hands.

Here is the story.  Feel free to adapt or add/subtract: just for inspiration.

Lilian is doing some yoga.  Show her doing some nice yoga poses to get the movie started.

Three guys, dressed in sports attire and ready to go to MMA  ( = mixed martial arts, mixing various fighting syles) practice, pass by.

Anton: "Look at that chic, doing yoga!"

Boris: "Yeah, girls think this is a real sport."

Ivan: "It is just a bit of stretching. Makes them look good, though!"

Lilian stops, looks up: "I heard that!"   Gets up: "Just a bit of stretching?  Come on, try it yourself!"

Anton: "nah, we don't do girly sports.  We are going to our MMA practice!"

Lilian, looking a bit puzzled.

Boris: "Yeah, mixed martials arts!  Fight training!"  The other guy do some shadow-boxing and shadow-kicking to illustrate.

Ivan: "Man sports.  You develop muscles, toughness."  Shows off his biceps.

Anton: "Yeah, nothing for girls."

Lilian: "Fight training?  I don't need it anyways.  I can fight already!"

Guys laugh at that.

Boris: "Yeah, sure!"

Lilian: "Don't believe me?  C'mon, one of you, fight me!  I show you!"

Guys laugh.

Ivan: "We don't want to hurt you!"

Lilian: "Oh, so you are afraid to fight me!"

Guys look a bit embarrassed.

Ivan to  Anton: "Ok, Anton, show her.  Just be careful."

Anton smirks, approaches Lilian, softly reaching for her to try to take her down.  She doesn't budge.  She tries a bit harder, but instead, Lilian throws him to the floor.

Boris and Ivan laugh: "Haha, Anton, you got shown off by a girl!"

Anton gets up, a bit angered: "Well, I wasn't really trying!"

Lilian: "So try again!"

Anton goes a bit harder now, same result.  Guys laugh even more at him.

Anton now gets up, it's a fight.  But Lilian once again beats him and he falls to the floor.  The other guys laugh very hard at that.

Anton to the others: "Well, you try instead of laughing!"

Lilian, with a smirk to Boris: "So, you think you can do better?"

Ivan, still laughing, to Boris: "Anton is such a looser!  Go show her!"

Boris, who is a bit unsure about it, approaches Lilian.  He pretends to smile and go soft, but suddenly attacks her.  It is a fight, a bit longer than the last one with Anton, but Lilian is again victorious.

Ivan is no longer smiling.

Lilian to Ivan: "Now it is your turn!  But please make it a competitive fight!"

Ivan gets in fight position, Lilian and Ivan encircle each other.  Ivan attacks, they fight, it is the hardest fight yet, but Lilian once again wins.

Lilian: "You call that competitive?  That was pathetic!"

The guys look angry now.

Lilian: "Tell you what.  Why don't all three of you try to attack me? Do you think three MMA fighters can take care of a little yoga girl like me?"

The three guys are no longer smirking.  They start attacking her, but make the mistake of not doing it all at once.  Lilian beats them up. 

There is a cool scene at around minute 30 in "Sexy Agent Melanie eliminates the gang", with Melanie kneeling on two guys under her: perhaps something can be used here too or at some other spot.

As they are moaning on the floor, Lilian talks to them: "You know what your mistake was?  You should have tried to attack me together, not one by one!  C'mon, get up and try again!"

The three get up, this time attacking Lilian together.  A tougher fight. Perhaps Lilian also gets to jump up and wrap her legs around the throats of some of the guys, making them to yield. Anyways, Lilian once again wins.

Lilian, standing over them: "That MMA school of yours can't be particularly good!"

Anton: "Well, we have recently practiced wrestling a lot more than stand-up fighting!"

Lilian: "Wrestling, hmmh?  Ok, let's see how well you guys can wrestle".

She gets down on her knees, opposite the three guys. "C'mon, let's all start on our knees!"  The guys also get on their knees.

Lilian: "And please try your best!  I do not want any lame excuses!"

They then start to wrestle, with all three guys attacking Lilian.  Tough wrestling for Lilian, but she wins again.

Lilian: "Well, that still did not work well for you guys.  Hmmh. Let me give you handicap".

She lies on her back.

"Ok, all three of you get on top of me and hold me down.  Let's see whether you can win, starting from that position!"

They get in position.

Lilian: "Really try to hold me down!"

They do.  Lilian, after a few attempts, bucks them off.  They wrestle, Lilian once again wins.

Lilian: "let's try something else!  One holds me from the back, while the other two hold my arms!"  The guys get in position.

Lilian to the two arm-holding guys: "C'mon, you are not holding tight enough!  This is too easy for me!  Try harder!"

They do.  One guy starts to hold Lilian really hard.  It is tough for Lilian!  But she manages to get her arms free, overcome the hold, wrestle, and win.

Lilian gets up.

Lilian: "Seems you need an easier task." She looks around. "Ah, look a rope!  Tie my hands behind my back! "

One guy does.

Lilian: "Now, two of you hold me, while one punches my abs really hard! 

Take turns! Then we fight!"

They do, but cannot harm Lilian much.  Instead, their hands start hurting.  The fighting starts.  Perhaps Lilian jumps up, wraps her legs around the throats of the guys.  Tough, tough fight, but Lilian wins once again.

The guys are on the floor, thoroughly defeated.

Lilian: "Sorry guys, I get to go now. But if you want some more serious MMA practice in the future, just meet me here again around this time any day!"  She walks off.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Yoga Lilian vs three fighters

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