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  • The last wish of Lillian's prisoner

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Scene 1

Lillian dressed in the same red shoes and bikini from "The homeslave for Lillian scene 1". She is sitting on a sofa (please make it a sofa and not a bed). The slave is at her feet. He's barefoot and shirtless.

She punishes him by nailing the heels of his shoes while they talk. 2min

-Please miss, enough of punishment. I need a break, says the slave.

-Ha ha ha your pain is my pleasure, my fun -she says

-I have been your slave for a year, I have endured the worst humiliations and pains. Like when you pulled out two molars with a pliers -says the slave

-Ha ha ha what a nice memory. I have it filmed and I show it to my friends - she says - remember that you are nothing, just my property to satisfy all my whims.

The slave cries.

-This year I finish my course as a prison guard and  executioner and I must present my practical work: a film punishing a prisoner in various ways  -she says nailing her heels on the prisioner chest.

-No no please -asks the slave crying.

She makes him to stand up.

-Please miss one last wish before entering the punish chamber.

She takes him by the neck.

-It's okay. What do you want? -She asks him.

-Just be kind to me a bit. After all we are a boy and a girl

-Stockholm syndrome,  -she says -we are not" boy and girl ", we are mistress and slave and I have demoted you to the most humiliating condition. Just a piece of suffering meat. Now we go to the punish chamber. I must do my practical work. Several days of the worst punish await you.

The slave gets down on his knees.

-Miss, just a little kindness. So I will have more strength to bear my fate.

-Very good -she says and makes him to sit on the couch. 

Then she sits crossing one leg over the slave's leg as seen in the figure a little further up. They continue for 10 minutes where they talk while she has an affected affectionate attitude and she caressing him with her legs and shoes and adopting the poses that are seen in the figures below. 

 And this position on his chest (alwyas on the couch):

 This scene continues for 10 minutes. Both are always on the couch and she takes different positions, being affectionate but never stopping doing painful things to him.

She: you like my shoes. (She says taking a shoe off for a few moments and putting it back on.)

He: a lot, but they are also your instrument of punish.

She: it's true. (she tacks a heel into his thigh as they continue talking) I'm going to be very sadistic with you. For me it will be moments of pure joy and fun. For you it will be an endless nightmare of pain.

He: (crying) why are you so beautiful and so cruel?

She (continues to nail him): maybe I'm going to take out one of your eyes with a blade (she says laughing while caressing him)

He: no miss, I'm very afraid

She: I would have it too if I were you.

The slave cries she laughs. 

She continues caressing him

-That's OK? -she says, stroking him with her feet.

-Yes, miss, thank you very much.

- "Thank you very much" ha ha ha -she laughs -I'm about to crush you until you become a pulp and you thank me. HOW STRANGE MEN ARE !!!

Continue a dialogue in the same tenor for the remaining 8 min. Improvise

In the end she starts beating him on the couch until he falls to the ground. She stands up and places a foot on his private parts.

-Enough. Now I must do my practical work. Let's go...


Scene 2

The slave is scared against a wall in a dungeon. Lillian enters dressed as a schoolgirl as in: "Lillian and 2 slaves".

She speaks to the camera.

-I am the student Lillian and this is my practical work. My wish is to receive myself as a prison guard and to be able to do justice by filling the gas chamber with criminals.

For 10 minutes she punishes him by burning him with cigarettes, hitting and squeezing his testicles until they explode, hitting him with a baseball bat, pulling out his nails with a pliers, etc, etc. Improvise some surprise.

In the end she takes a blade:

  -I promised, I'm going to take one of your eyes out -she laughs she sits astride the slave as in the image (special attention to the position of her feet. She always with her shoes on her feet in the position of the image.

She slowly gouges out one eye with the blade.

-Now you're one-eyed -she says laughing.

She ontinues cutting it all over the body for 2 more minutes. Improvise.

-Now I'm Lillian the butcher. WHO WANTS A FILETTE !!! HAHAHA

She cuts a filetteā€¦


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The last wish of Lillian's prisoner

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