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Lillian is a mythological creature that can take any shape and who can grant eternal life if defeated in combat. The losers become her mindless servants for eternity.

Tom plans to try his luck but calls on his friend – Luke – to come rescue him if he does not return.


PART 1 – estimated time: 11 minutes

Lillian sits on a chair while Tom approaches.

“I challenge you for eternal life!”, Tom begins.

Lillian approaches and looks at him from head to toe, then replies.

“Hmm, you’ll do a cute servant.”, pauses, then continues, without letting Tom respond:

”If you acknowledge defeat, you lose the fight. This is the only rule.”

Tom attacks and the fight starts (takes about 2-3 minutes). Both Lillian and Tom have good moves, but Lillian is a bit better. She has Tom 2 times in holds and tries to make him to admit defeat, but he does not.

Lillian becomes frustrated and launches a combo of punches and kicks, until Tom is left dazed, struggling to stay upright. Camera shows this for about 7 seconds. Lillian lets Tom recover while circling him and checking him out.

“Do you acknowledge defeat?” asks Lillian.

“No way! I am a man; I have the balls in this fight!” taunts Tom.

Lillian seems a bit frustrated by the response, but her expression changes suddenly to delight – she has an idea: she will pretend to be less good than Tom and let him think he has the upper-hand and play with him a bit.

Tom attacks again and the fight continues (for 4 minutes), but this time Tom seems to do better.

Each time Tom seems to have the upper hand, he mocks and boasts, but Lillian always reverses with punches or kicks to Tom’s balls (from front or behind), then mocks him for being weak/that having balls is a disadvantage/that he has weak balls/ etc. For the first three lowblows Tom manages to keep standing, but after the third he cannot and falls to his knees. After each lowblow Tom takes a longer time to recover. Lillian lets him recover after each lowblow, taunting him and even flirting a bit. The camera shows closeups for reactions to the lowblows.

After the 4th lowblow Tom is severely weakened, and Lillian gets him against a wall, and asks him to submit. Tom refuses, so Lillian knees him in the balls three times in a row, until he is groggy. Lillian asks Tom again to submit. Tom, with difficulty, refuses.

“You leave me no choice…” says Lillian and grabs Tom’s groin and squeezes. Tom’s face shows the pain he is in.

“Please, let go!” cries Tom.

“Do you admit defeat?” Lillian replies

“Never!” says Tom

Lillian squeezes harder and twists and Tom cries in pain.

“Do you submit?” asks again Lillian.

“Please let go!”, begs Tom.

Lillian squeezes and twists again, even harder.

“I submit!” cries Tom in the end.

Lillian releases Tom, who slides to the floor.

“That’s a good boy! Apparently, I have your balls now!” laughs Lillian. Tom is to weak to say anything, though he tries.

“And now, it’s time to go to sleep…”, continues Lillian.

Lillian gets Tom up and away from the wall. He is dazed and, after watching him being dazed and struggling to remain standing for a few seconds, she punches Tom in the face, making him turn 180 degrees and fall to the ground knocked out, facing upwards.

Lillian goes to him, kneels, and puts her hand to his chest. Tom’s eyes open and his face is expressionless.

Lillian gets up, takes a few steps back and orders:

“Get up, servant!”

Tom quickly obeys.

“Get you shirt off!” continues Lillian while circling him from a distance.

Tom obeys again.

“Flex your arms for me!”

Tom does it.

Lillian starts laughing and the camera fades to black while backing up, showing Tom with no expression on his face, flexing his arms and Lillian on the background, laughing.

PART 2 – estimated time: 19 minutes

Camera fades-in to Luke who is entering the scene, looking for Tom.

Tom is on the floor, no shirt, knocked out, facing up. Luke hurries to him and slaps Tom’s face until he starts moving and seems to wake up.

“What happened?” asks Luke, while helping him get up.

“She jumped me from behind and hit me in the head with something…“ responds Tom, massaging the back of his head.

“So it’s a girl…” Luke reflects out loud, then continues

“So, you got beaten by a girl?”, asks Luke amused.

“What?”, responds Tom a bit frustrated, turning his head and backing away from Luke.

“I mean, she knocked you out right away. She got you good and easy!”, Luke continues almost laughing.

“Be careful, or I’ll put your lights out!” Tom retorts angrily.

“Take it easy!” responds Luke friendly, but continues after a small pause, almost laughing:

“But you got bested by a girl. It is funny!”

Tom attacks Luke with a hard punch to the gut. Luke bends over and backs away.

“I’ll beat you senseless!” Tom responds angrily and continues the attack until he has pushed Luke to a wall and punches him in the face.

“What do you think about that!” taunts Tom.

“Are you crazy?” asks Luke, not believing what is happening and massaging his jaw.

Tom punches him in the face again.

“You’ll get hurt if you continue!”, warns Luke.

Tom punches him in the face again.

Luke goes into offensive and attacks Tom.

The fight goes for 2 minutes back and forth. At one point Luke has Tom pressed against a wall, using his forearm on Tom's chest.

“Calm down or I’ll have to carry you out of here!” yells Luke.

“We’ll see about that!” Tom responds struggling to free himself, but Luke just slams him again against the wall.

“What’s got into you?” asks Luke getting closer to Tom.

Tom, instead of responding, just brings his knee into Luke’s balls. Luke is completely taken by surprise; his face is a mix of surprise and pain. Luke immediately bends over holding his groin and backs away.

“What the fuck, man? Why did you do that for?”

“A fight is about winning, right?”, says Tom.

“What?”, responds Luke a bit perplexed.

“Let’s have a bet. If I make you submit, you’ll have to do whatever I say for 3 days. If you win, I’ll do the same.” Tom continues.

“What are you saying? What bet? Are you out of your mind?”, Luke responds still holding his groin.

“I see you need more convincing…” continues Tom and attacks Luke.

A short fight ensues (about 1.5 minutes). Luke is mostly on offensive and Tom lands punches and kicks and even uses a couple of low blows (elbows, punches, kicks) to gain the upper hand.

Tom gets Luke pressed to a wall using his forearm to Luke’s chest.

“Do you submit?” asks Tom grinning.

Luke tries to push back Tom, but he gets slammed back to the wall. Tom pushes harder and spreads his legs to get a more stable position.

“Do you?” asks Tom again.

“What’s got into you? asks Luke.

Tom, still holding him pressed to the wall punches him in the gut with his free hand than presses again on Luke’s chest.

“Sorry, but you are not yourself…” whispers Luke and brings his knee into Tom’s balls in order to escape and have the time to recover.

Nothing happens. Tom just grins. Thinking he missed the target, Luke brings again his knee between Tom’s legs. Again, nothing happens.

“That’s all you’ve got?” asks Tom almost laughing.

“Who are you? What are you?” asks Luke, shocked.

Tom takes a few steps back. Luke just blinks and before him is no longer Tom, but Lillian, who starts to laugh.

“Your friend was no match for me. And you will have the same fate as him.” says Lillian, while walking toward a chair and sitting down, with her legs crossed.

Luke is completely surprised, but his surprise turns to anger.

“What did you do to him?” asks Luke angrily.

“He’s my servant now.” responds Lillian.

Luke is baffled.

“Servant, come here!” orders Lillian.

Tom enters the scene (he has his shirt on) and goes to Lillian and stands by her, with a blank expression, hands behind his back and legs a bit spread (military-like).

“He does whatever I ask him to do… Servant, do 2 push-ups!”

Tom obeys and then assumes the earlier position.

“Let him go, or you’ll be sorry!” orders Luke.

“I’ll free him if you manage to defeat him in combat. If you lose, you become my servant too.” proposes Lillian.

Without waiting a response, Lillian orders Tom, with a sign of her hand:

“Fight him!”

Tom attacks immediately. A fight ensues between Tom and Luke (takes about 2-3 minutes). Lillian observes from a sitting spot (the chair) the fight. The fight is balanced, both Tom and Luke are using good moves (no cheapshots). Tom gains the upper hand and punches Luke in the face a couple of times. Luke is dazed (camera shows this for 7-8 seconds). Tom prepares a final blow, but Lillian orders (from behind Tom):

“Wait, don’t finish him yet! I want more entertainment.”

Lillian gets up from her spot and approaches to observe better the fight but keeps a good distance from the 2 fighters.

Tom stops and backs away. He takes a waiting position with his hands at his back and the legs a bit spread.

Lillian waits for Luke to regains his senses, which he does.

“Ready for another round?”, asks Lillian, mocking Luke.

Luke sees Tom just standing there and before Lillian could order Tom to continue the fight, he kicks Tom between the legs, hard, with maximum effect. Camera shows the kick from 2 or 3 angles.

Tom bends over holding his groin, paralyzed by the pain. Camera closeups on Tom.

“Fight servant, fight!” yells Lillian.

Tom slowly tries to stand upright, but Luke attacks him, trying to lowblow him again, but Tom parries. A short fight ensues (1.5 - 2 minutes), in which Luke loses ground fast to Tom. In short time, Tom again is on offensive, punching and kicking Luke.

Tom has Luke slammed against a wall and holding him by pressing his chest with his forearm.

Luke is a bit dazed and appears helpless.

“Keep him there” orders Lillian and approaches until she is next to Luke.

“Ready to be my servant?” Lillian asks Luke.

“Never!” responds Luke with a weak voice.

“Make him suffer! Kick his balls!” orders Lillian.

Tom brings his knee into Luke’s balls. Luke gulps and brings his hands to hold his manhood and tries to bend over to relieve the pain, but Tom keeps him to the wall.

“Do you submit?” asks Lillian again.

Luke takes some time. Lillian backs away at around 3-4 meters in this time.

“Do you?” asks Lillian again, angry.

“No!”, Luke yells and brings his knee into Tom’s balls, hard. Tom immediately bends overs and grabs his package with his hands.

“No!” yells Lillian.

Luke quickly slams Tom to the wall and knees him again in the balls, twice. Tom bends over holding his manhood. During this time, Lillian backs away.

Luke then smashes Tom’s upper back with both forearms making him fall to the floor, face down, knocked out.

“Sorry mate. It was for your own good”, says Luke to the knocked-out Tom.

He turns around, but Lillian is nowhere to be seen.

“That’s right! Hide! I’ve won!” yells Luke.

Luke then goes to Tom, turns him around and slaps his face to wake him up.

Tom slowly wakes up.

“What happened?” he asks. “I feel like I was hit in the balls by a ram…” he continues trying to get to his feet holding his manhood.

“Apparently you lost. But you should be fine now.” responds Luke, pretending he doesn’t know anything, while helping Tom to his feet.

“Thanks, man, for coming for me!” says Tom, once he is up.

“That what’s friends are for!” Luke responds.

They make a few steps, but from behind they hear Lillian:

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Both turn around.

Lillian attacks and a short fight takes place (about 2-3 minutes). Lillian fights Luke and Tom alternatively, but when one of them is in trouble, the other one intervenes, so Lillian uses lowblows to incapacitate the weakened one and then concentrate on the other. Lillian manages to place many good kicks, punches. At one point, Luke and Tom decide to attack at the same time, so Luke immobilizes Lillian (in his arms) and Tom starts punching her in the gut. Lillian manages to use Luke’s hold and pushes back and kicks Tom in the head with her foot. Tom is a bit dazed but comes charging Lillian, but Lillian kicks him in the balls. Tom bends over and falls to his knees, holding his groin and Lillian continues with a kick to his head. Tom falls to the floor. Luke struggles to keep Lillian immobilized in his embrace, but Lillian hits him in the balls repeatedly with her fist. Luke lets go and grabs his manhood. Lillian turns around and knees him in the balls. Luke falls to the floor.

Lillian gets Tom and Luke to their feet, one besides the other. They are dazed. Camera shows them both for 7-8 seconds.

Lillian gets behind them and kicks them between the legs. They bring their hands to protect their balls, then fall on their knees. Lillian gets between them, then gently push both, in the same time, with the index fingers of her hands on their foreheads. They both fall on their backs, knocked out.

The camera pans over them to show they are knocked out.

“Strong muscles, weak balls” says Lillian, amused.

Then she kneels between them and puts her hands on their chests. Camera shows their faces: they open their eyes; their expression are blank.

Lillian gets up and backs away.

“Get up servants!” she orders.

They both bet up.

“Take off your shirts!”

They both do it.

“Flex your arms for me!”

They comply.

The camera backs away on this scene: Luke and Tom flex and Lillian laughs.

Camera fades to black.

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Total Control: Lillian&Luke vs Tom

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