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  • Vivien kicks the criminal wearing mules

Custom clip request 

Could you give me a 10 minute video with Vivian and a male actor. 

Her outfit is similar to the attachment with black mules. Hair tied back.

The guy wears a casual outfit with a mask.

Dialog for Vivian

I'm here to arrest you

You like this. dont you (rhetorical)

I love these shoes

Everytime the same


Just surrender.

I'd like this one to have different editing. I want to see scenes just like the attached scenes and it keeps repeating the leg on stool scene. It will be a different take each time and comes up every few minutes. Or after a scene. He either punches at her and misses, or he does the fight stance while she laughs. Only a few seconds each time. I've attached a lot of scenes so do what you can.

-Casually walk up the stairs with closeups of face, cleavage, waist and shoes (front and back). We can hear burglar running and screaming in the background. But more focused on running sounds. Screaming is not as loud.

-She walks around while man is running or hiding somewhere else.

-Man is crawling up the stairs. Vivians foot appears in front of his face. Closeups of foot being arched in the shoe. Front and back. Then shot of her face smiling as he runs away. Just like smile pic

-Could you include slo motion of punches and kicks. The camera follows her shoe during a kick. She points her toes to hold the shoe in place. See slo mo kick

-(Primary)For the sitting with legs crossed and kicking scene, could you do a closeup shot of burglars face being kicked in slo motion. Her shoe comes on screen as it connects. Repeat this from left and right side of her foot. And one of her face with her shoe coming on screen. Just like shot 1 attachment. I'd like her to press her toes to hold the shoe against her foot and makes the sole look more wrinkly. So basically she toepoints at the camera.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Vivien kicks the criminal wearing mules

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