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  • The recruitment of secret agent Carly

Custom clip request 

Had another Custom request for Carley this time with 3 guys.

Intro Scene - 2-3 Mins-The scene is where Carly comes for an interview for a Secret Agent into an office with one guy ( without a mask ) as the interviewer. Carly comes into the office in her short PVC / Leather skirt , white panties / white blouse and long boots and is carrying a laptop. The guy says so you have come for the position as secret agent in our organisation, Carley says yes I have, he says I have seen your CV and it looks good but do you have any evidence of what you can do in the field when on duty, it says here you're a Karate master and highly skilled in the martial arts. She says Of course I am and I have brought you some video evidence of me in action in various outfits , ok he says lets see these videos, she turns the laptop towards him and plays the first of 5 video scenes.

Scene 1 ( approx. 6 mins) - Carley dressed in Karate top / high boots / white panties and Gloves. Carley walks into a room with 3 Gang members , they immediately grab her , she escapes by hitting 2 in the balls then stomach and head , they fall and the 3 she kicks in the balls he falls to his knees , she grabs him for balance and as the other 2 attack she repeat head kicks them several times , she then takes the guy and puts his neck between her legs and again fights the other 2 off. A fight entails and again I'll leave the overall choreography to you please include reverse head kicks with heads held under arm, repeat face kicks , face palm strikes, scorpion kicks , karate chops etc . The fight ends with her choking 2 by kneeling on the necks , and the other she breaks his neck.

Scene 2 ( approx. 6 mins ) - Carley dressed in schoolgirl outfit , white panties long boots and gloves. 3 gang members . I'll leave choreography to you , please include similar to scene one , and where she holds 2 men under her arms facing forward , kneeing them in the stomach with low camera angle looking up ( as per Lesley schoolgirl Lesson in self defence ) finish with same way as Scene 1.

Scene 3 ( approx. 6 mins ) - Carley dressed in Black dress / white panties and long boots ( as per previous custom ) 3 Gang members - again similar fight scenes as scene 1 & 2 .

For scenes 4 & 5 can Carley wear some sexy outfits of her choice , preferably skirt or another dress with white panties , boots if it goes , don't mind pantyhose ( but panties on outside ) or stockings - not sure of her full wardrobe so will leave it upto her.

Scene 4 & 5 ( approx. 6 mins each ) - 3 Gang members - again similar fight choreography to scenes 1, 2 &3

Scene 6 - ( 10 mins ) back in the office as per Intro scene - Carley closes the laptop and says 'well you have seen the evidence do I get the job ? ' The guy behind the desk says smugly well you could have made all those Videos up ! Carly says Really? You don't believe my fighting skills? , he says well maybe we will have to do a practical demonstration ? Carly says I'm up for that what do you have in mind? He calls 2 guards into the office , and they stand behind her , she stands , and slowly moves the chair to one side , turns to face them , sits on the desk and kicks them both in the balls , they fall to their knees , she then repeat head kicks them several times , she then swings up onto the desk and kicks the other guy in the head , he falls between her legs and she crushes his neck while on the desk. A fight entails and Carly uses the desk to hold him down with one boot and fights the others who come towards her, after this the fight moves into the open office please use similar choreography to previous scenes, finally suffocating 2 guards with her knees on neck, then walking up to the interview guy , saying 'I didn't want the job anyway and now you be finished' giving him several face palm strikes and a lethal Karate chop .

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The recruitment of secret agent Carly

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