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  • Carly punishes the pervert

Custom clip request 

Carley  is wearing Denim mini skirt

Pink underwear 

Black boots with red sole or any boots of Carly choices again she is welcome to wear what ever boots or heels she wants 

No gloves.

She orders a drink and whilst waiting for it a man lift up her skirt revealing her pink knickers\thong\underwear and he has a g!n in his hand she quickly elbows him in the the nose causing him to stumble back and drop his g!n she then kick him in the face and she runs and spears him to the ground and then mounts on top of him and punches him in the face repeatably he trys to get her off him they roll around and he mounts her try to punch her she dodges and rolls him back over and finishes him off with punches to the face he's knocked out with red liquid and brusises and then she finishes him off with headscissor neck break. In the scenes her denim skirt will ride up to reveal her pink thong 

Another thing I would like during the clip is for her to do  handstand up onto the male where she punches him down to ground and continues beating him in a mounted position until he is groaning and pleading for the beating to stop. I would also love to see some hand to hand combat where they are both standing up and he is trying to punch her he eventually lands one punch to her face and then she gets Mads and beats him up  lots of face punch and kicks.



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Carly punishes the pervert

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