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  • Batgirl kicks the balls

Custom clip request 

I'd like to know if you would do a clip where she does almost nothing but groin kicks with an occasional high kick to the face as well. I don't care who the main actress is as she will be dressed as BG. In the TV show, BG always smiled when she kicked a bad guy. I would like the actress to smile when kicking the bad guy in the groin. I have no idea what the cost involved in this is so let's start with whatever the base minimum is and work from there. I mention a photo-shoot because the last one you did is the best set of pics I've ever seen and I've been looking at this stuff for over 40 years. Anyway, one male actor can be used and he can wear a mask. The movie starts with BG being attacked by bad guy. She evades and kicks him in the balls. She continues to thwart his attacks by kicking him in the balls. I will leave it to you to do the fight choreography.  Her attitude should be superior and cocky. She should be mocking him and easily defeating his attacks. This is just for fun for BG. She could easily finish him but she prefers to continue kicking him in the balls. Attire:  BG should be wearing black ankle boots with a pointed toe and no platform. 2-3 inch heels. If this is not possible then black high heel pumps that all of your girls have used to good effect in other clips.  He should be wearing light-colored pants. Other than that what he wears doesn't matter. In addition to the smile when delivering kicks she should leave her foot between his legs for a second or so to emphasize her doing it for fun. I want some close-up shots of her foot striking the guys groin. You typically provide close up shots in your clips so I don't expect this will be difficult. I don't want any knees or hand strikes to the groin. You can have her block, trap, or direct her opponent with her hands. But this is only done to effectively position him to be kicked in the balls.  Depending on cost and time we could have her fight with different guys along the way as many of your clips tend to do. Or it could be just one fight like you did against Iron  Balls Jarvis. 

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Batgirl kicks the balls

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