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  • Lillian was betrayed and beaten by her friend

Custom clip request 

Please consider the following custom request.

Actress: Lillian (if not available then Sasha.)

Three males. The first one is shorter and appears younger than Lillian. The other two are much bigger.

Lillian will have 2 outfits as follows:

1) Sports bra, form fitting very brief gym shorts, gym shoes and gym socks that end just above her shoes, and a small visor. All items are black. Her hair style is a ponytail.

2) Bra and panties that are very brief and high cut on her hips and form fitted. And the visor....all in black. The visor should not be shiny or made out of plastic. The purpose of the visor is to give her a mysterious exotic look.

Plot: The first male and Lillian are friends. She's an accomplished athlete that wins every competition that she's entered, be it strength , karate and wrestling. She's always supportive of him...but he's not athletic and does not feel comfortable entering any competition. Like a big sister he doesn't have, she watches out for him and encourages him to practice more.

The other two males are jealous of Lillian's success in the tournaments that the 3 of them have entered. They are friends with the first male...but only  on their terms as they bully and take advantage of him.....something that Lillian wants to stop by teaching him how to defend himself.

1st scene: Lillian enters the apartment that the 3 men share carrying a gym bag on her shoulder and wearing an overcoat. Only the first male is home which she already knew. She asks why he didn't show up at the gym. She's  always  smiling and never  harsh with him. He's  self conscious, convinced that  he'd  make a fool of himself in a public place. That's  why she's come to his apartment to give him some lessons in private. He tries not to gawk at her when she removes her coat. Please note that her movements are almost boyish when she walks around the room to place her coat on a piece of furniture across the room. The camera should stay on her as she surveys the room...moving a chair and a small pice of furniture. She's oblivious to the fact that she's all bare legs as she moves about the room.

Feel free to create the scenes where she encourages him to wrestle.  I would  prefer that she shows him where to place his hands on her as she assumes a position that puts her at a disadvantage. Each hold will end the same way with her breaking free too quickly and easily. He's demoralized as she genuinely feels bad for him. Even when she encourages him by smiling and ruffling his hair, it's clear that he's had enough.  These conversations  will take place while she's  kneeling on the floor beside him on one knee. No matter what she says, he won't change his mind. She asks him "what can I do to change your  mind"? Embarrassed, he can't  look at her when he responds "perhaps you can wear something else". He tells her about the  time  he accidentally saw her in the changing room at the gym in her underwear. She's shocked and asks him why he would like to see her like that. He can't answer because he's clearly embarrassed. After some thought, her concerned look turns into a shy smile. She ruffles his hair and says, "do you promise to try your best"?  Still not looking at her, he nods yes. She smiles  at him as she picks up her gym bag and goes to the other room to change.

Scene 2) She enters the room dressed in outfit #2 with a stern look on face and walks to him. Her gait is effecient and non sensual. She takes his hand and pulls him along then turns to face him as she backs herself up  against the wall. With hands on her hips and legs parted, she orders him to punch her tummy. He balks saying he knows it will  hurt his hand. She tells him "I know it will hurt, but punch me once, as hard as you can". He punches her hard then cries out in pain as he cradles his hand. He whines at her wanting to know why she made  him do that. She tells him to look at her  as she slowly  raises her arms wide above head. She pulls in her tummy and arches her back exposing her ribs. "I relaxed my abs...Punch me until I can't take anymore, then try to pin me using the techniques I showed you....can you do that". He's  hesitant as he  punches her belly button once. I don't want Lillian  to grimace. I want her to furrow her brow and her mouth to form an "O". She will look past him as she processes this sensation that she's  never felt before. She will then tell him to punch her harder and faster and not to stop until she either drops to her knees or tells him to stop. Again, I don't  want Lillian to grimace...just keep  her mouth open as she processes the pain as she starts to grunt and gasp with each punch as pain starts to show on her face . I want her arms to fall to her  sides as her head drops to his shoulder. I want him to put his arm across her upper chest just  under her chin as delivers punishing blows. I would like to see a  few closeups of a fist pressed into Lillian's soft tummy. When she slowly  drops to her knees, she gasps  at him to hurry up and try to pin her before she can regain her strength.

Feel free to script the wrestling scenes with the male having the upper hand....but eventually Lillian's strength slowly returns.  She ends up straddling him as she smiles for the first time. She's  pleased that he tried his best. "You did well. To reward my favorite student, I have a special prize for you. If you can grab my ponytail, you'll  get the upper hand again and you might be able to pin me". She's  serious again as she makes it hard to grab her ponytail. He finally grabs it and she groans telling him to pull....hard.  She's  on her back again and lifts one leg and points her toe to the ceiling. She tells him to pin her before she can recover from the hair pulling. He presses down on her raised leg with his chest pushing her foot closer to her head. She smiles at hm as he slaps the floor 3 times and whispers "you won...you pinned me". 

At that moment, the other 2 men walk into the room and quickly see an opportunity to overpower Lillian. She effortlessly tosses the other male off of her to face the 2 men. The shorter man slowly begins to realize that Lillian was pretending to be weaker than him and his pinning her wasn't  real.  Mindful to protect her sore abs, she quickly overpowers the 2 men. Again, I leave it up to you to design the fight sequence . Eventually, she has each man by the throat as she pushes them up against the wall and slowly lifts them off their  feet, determined to render them. By this time, the other man, seeing how easily she overpowered the 2 men, absolutely  hates her  for pretending to be beaten by him. He walks up behind her and pulls hard on her ponytail causing her to gasp "what are you doing"?  He sneers at her "I hate you" as he starts punching the side of her ribs. She ties to pull her hands away but each man uses  both hands to hold her wrists. He tells them to punch her weakened abs once they are standing again. I leave up to you to design the fight sequence where the 3 men slowly wear Lillian down with punches, kicks and hair pulling. The fight sequence should end with Lillian flat on her back with one man straddling her hips punching her drawn in tummy. The second  man sitting on one ankle punching her thigh while she harmlessly flexes her other leg in a feeble effort to free herself. The shorter man is kneeling by her head punching her face. She barely has the strength to lift her arms to stop him from hitting her. "Surrender" he asks her. With one last effort she props herself up on her elbows. Through the pain on her face, she's still defiant. He delivers an uppercut to her chin causing her to fall back with her arms splayed over her head. When she sees he's  about to hit her again, she surrenders.They stand over her defenseless body gloating "we finally beat Lillian in a fair match.

The final scene will be with Lillian laying on her back with her legs slightly parted. I'd  like then to have a camera angle, close to the floor, of her side with the camera panning from her feet to a profile of her face. She still has difficulty breathing as the shorter man sits on the other side of her as presses his hand into her softened tummy causing her to moan. "Who won" He asks her? Her response  "you did, you defeated me".


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Lillian was betrayed and beaten by her friend

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