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  • The guy failed to get back at Vivien for his sister

Custom clip request 

1. Main actresses: Vivien 

2. Male actors who must be present simultaneously: 1

3. Clothes: Vivien is wearing a business outfit. If possible would like her in the getup Naomi wears in "Naomi humiliates the man who tried to rob her" including the red heels. Her hair is not in ponytail but let down. Important: her business jacket is buttoned up, unlike Naomi's. She has a purse and sunglasses, the girlier the better.

4. Length of movie: 10-15 minutes (however many you think the below idea would take to do properly)

5. I have a basic outline below.

6. If this refers to sound effects yes I would like sound.

English subtitles, Russian language 

Location is the woods trail. Vivien is a secretary on her way to work. A masked man attacks her from behind with a blow to the head and slams her into a tree where he holds her and punches her stomach. Her sunglasses fall off in the initial attack from behind. Despite the surprise attack and him being a man she fights through the pain and eventually overpowers him, forcing him away and standing up from the tree to his clear surprise. She lets go and he tries to punch her. She ducks and punches him several times, grabbing him and pulling his mask off despite his struggling. Then she kicks him in the face, knocking him on his side. Vivien laughs at seeing his face "You're not some common thief. I know you!"

MAN (angry): "My sister is your assistant, not your slave!"

He tries to get up but Vivien stomps hard on his stomach with her heel and kicks his head hard enough to knock him on his back. She puts her red heel on his chest. She throws the mask on his chest.

VIVIEN: "Your sister sent a pathetic man like you to stop someone like me?" 

MAN (in pain): "She didn't send me! She couldn't stop crying after you stole her paychecks and beat her up. I got her to tell me everything!"

Enraged, he pushes her foot off him. But she doesn't fall. Smirking, Vivien takes her heels off. She gestures for him to come at her as he stands up. He puts the mask back on as he does.

He hits her with a face punch, which staggers her. "My sister isn't your bitch!" he screams. He follows up with several stomach punches...but they don't seem to do much! In fact the stomach punches give her the opening to stomach punch HIM back, which immediately bends him over, holding his stomach. She grabs him by the head and knees him in the face. 

Looking very confident and shot from below so she dominates the frame, Vivien says, "If you sister told you all, she should have mentioned..." and she unbuttons her business jacket and pulls it off her shoulders, showing her fit looking abs flexed in a bra "...I'm as hard as rock." Then she flexes both biceps.

From there I'll let you handle the fight as Vivien DESTROYS him with punches, a few kicks, and knees. I want it to be a very thorough beatdown though he will TRY to fight back (and fail miserably!) My only specific requests: 1) that at one point I'd like Vivien to hold him by the shirt/jacket and walk him back with punches 2) she pins him to a tree with her foot to his neck 3) she stops hitting him with punches, kicks, etc. to slap him "like the little bitch of a man you are!" 4) he lands three or four punches to Vivien's abs but she doesn't react, laughs, and flexes in a Most Muscular pose 5) she bends his arm behind his back and threatens to break it like "I did your sister's!" then she does complete with a crunch sound effect! Ideally I'd like some taunts throughout the fight but I'll leave them to you.

At the end Vivien has beaten the man to the ground and he's holding his broken arm begging her to stop. She says on one condition only. He agrees - anything to make her stop!

Vivien puts her heels back on before putting her heel on his chest and says "Your sister is my slave bitch..." (she lifts her arms into a double biceps flex and smirks at this point, would love a shot from the ground showing her from heel on his chest to flexed biceps) "...and now you are too!" She laughs and repeatedly flexes her biceps at him (maybe in close ups of her upper body). Last shot of the movie is her saying she's late for work, slinging her jacket over her shoulder (not putting it on), picking up her purse, and putting on her fallen sunglasses before strolling off like she has no care in the world.

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The guy failed to get back at Vivien for his sister

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