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  • Lillian puts experiments on her the guinea pig

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Scene 1.

The prisoner is in a cellar standing against a wall. He is barefoot and shirtless.

Lillian enters dressed as "Green mile. Lillian executes the prisoner" but with black shoes from "The homeslave for Lillian".

All clip full length.

-Good day prisoner. I have selected you as a guinea pig for my pain experiments.

-No please miss, I'm scared.

She talks while walking in circles

-It's an honor for you. I am going to apply many tortures to you for several days to know how much you can bear without dying. In the end you will win the right to be finished-says Lillian subtly sticking out her tongue and enjoying what comes next (we don't need to see she in the foreground when he sticks out her tongue, we always see she in the wide shot, full screen).

-I'll start by burning your body with a cigarette, it will be very painfull -says Lillian.

She lights a cigarette and begins to burn the  chest, face, one eye and hands of the prisioner (2 min). The prisoner screams in pain. The prisioner falls to the floor and she kicks on his head and forces him to stand up and continues  burning him.

She continues burning him more and more (3 min). We see that red marks appear on his body. And he has one eye black and closed.

-Does it hurt a lot?  -She asks

-It is unbearable. I need to see a doctor -says the prisoner.

-A doctor? -She says laughing and begins to beat him until the prisoner falls.

-You can rest a litlle, more pain coming.

She walks in circle looking at the falling man. He is crying in pain.

She puts a feet on his head.

-Poor little beast -she said sticking out her tongue in pleasure.

-Please I need a doctor. Miss I can’t stand more pain, please I beg you to stop –said the prisioner.

-This is only the beginning and I’am very excited to continue –saids Lillian sticking out her tonge

Fade to black.

Scene 2

The prisoner is sitting against the wall moaning in pain and looking at the burns that have been done to his body.

Lillia comes in and puts a heel of her shoe on his chest.

-Prepared for more pain? She forces him to stand against the wall.

-The weak point of all men is their testicles. Today I am going to work on your eggs until both testicles are reduced to dust.

-No please miss, I want to have children when I get out of jail- says the prisoner crying.

-You will never get out of prison- she laughs.

-But I’ve got my human rigths –saids the man

-You have nothing at all. Just me. You are my property, for you I’am Good and I can do with you what I want –saids Lillian walking in circles –you are justa n object to my experiments and I’am going to torture you before I’am going to finish you…

She pushes him against the wall with one hand and grabs a testicle with the other.

-Hands behind the neck -she orders.

-Let's start with the right -she says and begins to squeeze more and more.

The prisoner writhes in pain and begins to fall. She forces him to stand up always squeezing his testicle.

-Let's play, if you can solve math accounts I will stop squeezing  -she says, sticking out her tongue a little, enjoying the pain she inflicts to the prisoner.

-Enough please -says the prisoner crying.

-How much is 453 multiplied by 378 ?? - she asks laughing as she squeezes more and more.

The prisoner tries to settle the account.

-12,300 .....- says the prisoner between cries of pain.

-No -she says -you are useless -squeezing more and more his testicles.

-Oh, I think I broke your testicle. Just a little more to be sure- she squeezes more by sticking her tongue out of her mouth. The prisoner falls.

-So, when did you feel more pain? When I burned you with the cigarette or when I broke your testicle? –she asks

-Testicle pain is the worst -says the prisoner crying in pain.

-Perfect –saids Lillis –in that case I’am going to destroy your other testicle just to be sure.

-Please miss stop

-I’am just begining, be a man –saids Lillian and star to kick, grabb, punch and knee the other testicle. Sometimes the prisioner falls down and she, sticking out her tonge, forces him to stand up and continues.

-Did a broke it? -the prisoner falls back to the floor. She bends down in front of him and takes his testicle.

-It's broken? Just for the doubts I will squeeze you more -she says and squeezes more and more sticking her tongue out (1min) until she feels that she has broken the man's testicle. He screams and cries.

She stands up and places her foot on the man's intimate parts.

-Your broken testicles still hurt? she asks.

-Ahgg more than ever -he answers.

She jumps for joy.

-It is good to know that the broken testicles continue to serve to inflict pain on the victims. This is part of my research.

Scene 3

The prisoner is lying on the floor crying. He asks for help but can hardly speak.

Lillian enters.

-You called me? You need something? -she asks, pretending to be a good girl.

-I need a doctor, my whole body hurts, I can't walk -says the crying man.

She reaches down and strokes his head, runs her fingers through his burns and places her hand on the man's testicles.

-I think broken bones hurt more than burst testicles. Today we are going to investigate that. Stand up -she says.

The man cannot stand up. He falls doen every time he tries.

She straddles his stomach (exactly the same as in the photo above).

-Let's see what is more painful: a broken testicle or the finger bone -she says.

Lillian breaks one man's finger. He screams in pain. She asks:

-Then: what hurts the most?

-Ahhhh I don't know. Please miss enough torture. I can't take the pain anymore - says the prisoner crying.

-But this is an investigation, I must know -Lillian says and breaks another finger.

-What hurts the most? -she asks.

The man screams in pain and cannot speak. She continues to break the fingers of his hand. When she finishes she begins to caress him with a false loving attitude.

-Poor thing, as he suffers ha ha  -she says, sticking out her tongue. Then she brings a pliers and knocks out several teeth. Then she takes a knife and cut him in diferents parts of his body. Maybe an ear…

-Endless torture has ha  -she says and continues and continues with more torture. Improvise 3 min more...

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian puts experiments on her the guinea pig

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