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  • The special dance from Ivy

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Film 2 

Can Ivy please have the same black hair like in picture above

Can Ivy please wear brown pantyhose with no reinforced toes and no shoes and the same dress like in picture above

Ivy is a dancer. She is on the table and dances in the front of a guy who is sitting on a chair in front of her. She than sits down on the table and crosses and poses her legs, stretches them in front of him and his face. He touches her legs so she gives him a few kicks. Whenever Ivy kicks, can she please make the „kyyaaa“ sound

She punishes him with rubbing her feet on his head and face. She tells him he is not allowed to touch her legs

She makes than makes some splits on the table. Than lies on her back and makes some stretches and splits while she still lies on her back on the table

The guy touches again her legs and Ivy get really angry. She gives him several kicks while she still lies on her table. He starts to attack her legs, but has no chance. She always moves it away from his attacks and stretches her legs away. She gives him more kicks and rubs again her feet on his face while the guy is still sitting on the chair in front of her

She still sits on the table and teases him with her leg. Ivy is crossing her legs in front of him and stretches 1 leg next to his face. He can not resist and touches her leg again. She punishes him again and  rubs again her foot on his face. He hates that. Ivy than kicks him down from the chair on the floor

She than makes a split on his neck and laugh at him how weak he is. Than she stands up and lift him up with 1 foot while she makes a split

She gives him several round high kicks until he falls on his knees. Than she places 1 foot on his shoulder and laughs again at him. She gives him several left right kicks until he falls on the floor

She lifts him up again with 1 foot while she makes a split and kicks him down again

She than gives him a head scissor

The guy gives up and excuses to Ivy for touching her. She tells him it is too late and that she will teach him a lesson

The guy wants to run away, but Ivy is faster and kicks him down

She takes the chair and places it next the door. She sits down, crosses her legs and tell him he can try to leave. The guy walks on his knees to the door. He wants to open the door on the door handle , but Ivy places 1 foot on his hand and squeezes it

Than she rubs her foot on his face

She laughs at him and tell him too leave. He is still on his knees and tries to move her legs away, but he has no chance as her legs are much stronger

Ivy than stands up and tells him he must go on his knees between her legs. He does and than asks if he can leave now. Ivy laughs at him ant kicks him on the floor and tells him that he can not leave

Until the end can Ivy please sit on the chair, pose and cross her legs. Kick him, rub her feet on his face and head. she does a few leg splits on his neck and body and on the floor, poses her legs while she is on the floor and make a few stretches and splits while she is on her back on the floor and sits on the chair again to punish him further and rubbing her feet all over his face

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The special dance from Ivy

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