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  • Hitwoman Diana failed her mission

Custom clip request 

Hi, I would like to order a 10 min Video with Diana.

She wears the Blackdress from  "Diana against the maniac" . She has open Hair Style and wears Make up.

She fights against one Guy but she loses the fight against him.

Like the other Videos where the Girls are losing to a Guy, Diana is confident - conceited and cocky. She thinks she is invincible and can take many punches and kicks against her Body.  She shows a little reaction, but still with monaning! I would like to see Head, Belly and some Side Body punches.

There is not much Story: Diana is a hitwoman and the poor Guy is her target. She enters the Room and tells him that he messed with the wrong People. He tries to talk this out, but she’s not listening. She slowly walks to him and start punching him.  She  can beat him up really good and enjoys the fight.

After a short Time (This Videos is about her Beatdown not from the Guy)  she is choking him, looks superior and thinks the fight is already over. But he can fight her off and start attacking her. He surprised her with his attack and now he can give her Hits. Over the Time she get and more and he less. But for now she can take all the punches and is still cocky

After some Time she manage to put her hands on his neck, but he can free himself again. Now Diana loses her conceited  look, because she becomes annoyed from this fight. She now tries serious to take him out, and fights aggressive. But he can avoid most of her attacks and gives her many punches. Diana is so angry/furious now and focused to take him out, it looks like she doesn't notice that she get many Hits in a short Time. Or she just don´t care, because she still thinks she is invincible.

But in the End, its to much for her, she starts feeling the Pain and become Weaker. At the end she stands against a Wall and he punches her Belly with quick punches. (similar to the Naomi/Melanie Videos).  It would be nice if she can make fists and moans more during this Time, to show that this attack hurts her more and more. After this treatment she knows it was a misttake to become fourios, she is to weak to fight back anymore. The fight is over she is broken. After some final hits against her, she goes down.

You are free to make some Dialogs.

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Hitwoman Diana failed her mission

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  • Product Length: 10 minutes
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