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  • Lillian and 2 slaves

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Lillian dressed exactly the same as "The homeslave for Lillian", scene 2 and 3 (schoolgirl).

A slave is against the wall. The other behind Lillian with a collar and chain. She is smoking and as she speaks she burns her slave against the wall. When she hears the groans of pain, she sticks her tongue out sadistically.

- Your leftover in this world and I am going to finish you today. Two slaves is too much-Lillian says to the slave who is against the wall.

-I don't want..., - says the slave crying.

Lillia burns it with the cigarette repeatedly while speaking to the other slave:

-I'll let you live for now. But your life will be miserable. Worse than a trash. I will punish you every day when I want at my whim. I'm going to make money filming your suffering and selling your organs one by one to the black market.

-Yes miss- says the slave with a collar.

-You know I'm an expert in karate. Any attempt to escape will only result in more and more pain. You will have more and more pain any way ha ha-she says to the collar slave while burning the other with the cigarette. 

After a while the slave against the wall falls to the floor in pain.

She begins to hit and kick the fallen slave. Then she goes to the other and asks him, stroking his head:

-You will choose the way of finishing of the condemned.

-Just shoot him, so he doesn't suffer, - says the frightened slave.

-Not idiot- says Lillian and hits him several times -the suffering of my slaves is my greatest pleasure. Choose a painful mode or it will be you who be finished.

The slave thinks. Lillian kicks it.

-Geld him-says finally the slave.

-Good idea little slave. Thank you.

She begins by kicking and punching the testicles of the condemned slave. 3 min until the slave falls in pain. Then she presses the testicle with her shoe sticking out her tongue, enjoying what she's doing, until a plop is heard, then the other testicle up to the plop.

Lillian approaches the other slave and caresses him with her feet, legs and hands.

-You will be my servant from now on. Now I will destroy his penis.

She returns to the fallen slave and with her shoe presses the private parts of the slave until a crash is heard.

-Ha ha ha, there is nothing healthy left between his legs.

She turns to the slave with the collar and says to him:

-Don't sing victory worm. He is going to be finished but you will be my toy of pain. Your life will be miserable every minute. You will beg me to finish you but I will keep you alive every day until you are a worm without dignity.

-Yes Miss.

Lillian walks her slave by pulling the chain as she watches the row slave groan in pain on the floor.

-What can I do with him now? I have a great idea !! - Lillian says and grabs a pincer. She approaches the fallen slave and breaks his fingers with the pincer. Then she approaches the collar slave and begins squeezing his testicles. The two slaves groan in pain. She sticks out her tongue and says:

-I love the sound of pain.

Lillian takes a blade.

-Now it's time to finish my work.

She approaches the fallen slave and stabs him several times until he is finished.

Then she goes to the other slave and strolls him around the room several times.

-I'm going to eat something. You will serve me to support my feet. Then you will burn the body.

-Yes miss

She takes him out off stage.

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Lillian and 2 slaves

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