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  • Melanie beats her boyfriend with her bare feet

Custom clip request 

Can I have a custom karate video with Mélanie ?

For the script its a mix between my karate kick feet video and Naomi beats up her boyfriend out of jalousy.

Mélanie beats her boyfriend because she think that he see other girls. So the boyfriend Come then Mélanie tell him who is the other girls but the boyfriend ignore her so Mélanie decide to oblige him to tell her with her karate kick. She remove sock to be in Barefoot  then the beatdown begin

For the end of the video, Mélanie use high foot сhoкe and oblige the boyfriend to tell her the truth and Mélanie use multiple slap kick then reverse side kick on stomach then she finish him with a сhoкe with one leg.

Mélanie use only karate kick with many many multiple slap kick ( like naomi video ) with different angle , scorpion kick, side kick on face and stomach, multi combo kick on face and stomach without  feet touch the ground,other karate kick,foot сhoкe and сhoкe with one leg.

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Melanie beats her boyfriend with her bare feet

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