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  • Lillian interrogates 2 thugs

Here are the details for the clip. Language can be in russian with english subtitles. 



1. Foot сhoкes: The entire sole of her foot, preferably at the arch, should be on the guy's throat like in the example images. The guys have to really sell that they are being сhoкed by loudly coughing and gasping for air and always have their hands on her ankle/leg desperately trying to get her foot off. At the end, their arms should weaken and slowly fall to their side as if they are suffocating. During close up of the foot, try to keep her toes visible as often as possible. No crushing sound effect is necessary. 


2. Fighting: The fighting dynamic in "sasha humiliates the gangsters with her karate skills" and "Lillian wants to participate to the team of the gym" was great. I want the same FAST-paced HARD HITTING moves and there should not be many pauses in fighting. It should be ~80% kicks, but I do not want any back and forth kicks or scorpion kicks. Front kicks to stomach and spinning back kicks are good to include. No wrestling moves or Judo throws. No POV or slow motion. When Lillian is fighting, I much prefer a combination of different kicks/moves instead of the same kick or move multiple times. 



Lillian: starts with red heels, then barefoot with black painted toes. Outfit (sleeves rolled up) and hair (ponytail) can be the same as in "Lillian and the prisoner part II." Can she also wear the cop hat and makeup to play a sexy cop?

Gangsters: The guy who played the champion and the guy with tattooed arm from  "Lillian wants to participate to the team of the gym." 



Lillian is a police officer who is going to extract information from two gang bosses about a drug deal. It begins showing her heels as she is walking to the entrance of the gym (same ones in  "Lillian wants to participate to the team of the gym") where they are practicing karate. There are two masked guards outside the door who stop her. She says that she is just going for a workout. One of the guards says that she is not allowed, she should go back home and places his hand on her shoulder. Lillian then quickly disposes the guards with a couple of kicks/punches/knees. She can finish them with a neck break, knee to the head, high foot сhoкe, etc. You can decide. She then enters. This whole part should be no more than 1 minute. 

She walks into the gym and sees the two gang bosses (same actors) in karate gi with black belts practicing karate. They are unmasked with their necks exposed. She takes off her heels to show her bare feet with black-painted toes (show close up of this). She approaches them and introduces herself. She says that she wants the information about the drug deal. They look at each other and ask if she knows who she is dealing with. They suspiciously ask how did she get past the guards. She says that she was very convincing and insists that they give her the information or she will gladly beat it out of them. They laugh and one of them says "you and what army little girl? You dealt with the guards and now you think you can take us on?" The other says "you will get the information over our bodies. By the time we are one with you, you will wish you were finished." Lillian smiles and says "have it your way then" and then takes off her hat. The fight begins.

Fithting should be fast-paced with hard-hitting moves with minimal pauses in fighting. It should be about 80% kicks and 20% punches/knees/etc. Lillian is confident and dominating the entire time dodging or blocking their hits while landing hers. Include a couple scenes where she fights them both at the same time (example, blocking both punches and then hitting them). The guys start out with a lot of energy but slowly are exhausted as they are beaten down. In the middle of the fight, when one of the guys has his back on the ground, Lillian will grab one of his arms, twist it and step on this throat like in image 1. The guy will keep trying to take her foot off with his other hand. This foot сhoкe should last about 45 seconds and can you include a few different camera angles including one showing both of them and one close up to the foot сhoкe. At some point after, she takes her shirt off, revealing only a black bra. 

Near the end of the fight, both guys are pretty exhausted and beat up. They muster up their strength and attack her one last time. Lillian fights both at the same time and beats them down with a combination of moves. One guy is knocked out. The other guy is struggling and Lillian beats him until he is against a wall. She does a high foot сhoкe (please include camera angles like in images 2-4). Lillian asks where the drug deal is and that she'll let him live if he talks. The guy curses at her. After ~45 seconds, the guy starts to lose strength and slides down the wall until his knees are ~90 degrees. Lillian keeps her foot on his throat and repeats the question and says she can do this all day. The guy gives in and tells her where it is. Lillian demands to know the time, but the guy says only his partner knows that. She smiles and says "then you are no longer useful" and increases pressure of her foot on his throat, lifting him higher against the wall. The guy yells in pain and begs for life "please, you said you would let me live!" Lillian smiles and says "yes...I lied" She grabs both of his arms and pulls to increase the pressure of her foot on his throat for ~30 more seconds until he is out. She lets go of his arms after they go soft, lifts her foot and the guy falls to the ground. 

The other guy regains consciousness, gets up and is very angry. He yells "I am going to finish you!" and lunges at her. Lillian blocks his attacks and unleashes a flurry of kicks/punches. I want the speed and strength of these hits to be like in 20-20:17 of " Lillian wants to participate to the team of the gym" except with more kicks. The guy falls on his back and tries to get back up but lillian kicks him in the face. She walks casually around him and places her foot on his throat (big toe closer to head). Please include camera angles like in images 5-8. She says "tell me when the drug deal is and you won't end up like your friend." After ~45 seconds the guys gives up and tells her the time. He pleads for her mercy. Liliam smiles and says "didn't you say I would get the information over your bodies?" The guy pleads again, but she grunts as she increases the pressure for ~45 more seconds until the guy slowly become sleepping and his hands drop to the side. She leaves her foot on the throat for a few more seconds and moves his head with her foot to make sure he is finished. She victory poses with full foot on chest for ~10 seconds and calls her boss to say she has got the information and that they may need to send someone to clean up this mess. She walks over both of the guys, puts on her heels and leaves. 

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Lillian interrogates 2 thugs

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