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  • Naomi shows to Melanie that she is better fighter

Custom clip request 

I would like to do the video discussed below for Naomi and Melanie.

Namoi and Melanie - hair in ponytail, socks, yoga pants or other athletic clothing

Namoi is more dominate and has more offense than Melanie.

1) Opens with Melanie doing standing split wall and Naomi walks in. Dialogue here.

2) Melanie does 2 or 3 high kicks (does not connect) but backs Naomi to wall and then puts her leg as high as possible on wall next to Naomi. Dialogue here. Namoi responds,” you dont stand a chance” and drops to a split and punches her and drops here to her knees.

3) While Melanie still on knees in pain. Naomi stands next to wall and grabs heel and lifts leg as high as possible and holds it. Dialogue here then drops the kick (but do it like it is in-front of Melanie’s face).

4) Namoi thinks fight is over and turns her back, but Melanie gets up and does high kick and puts foot on top Namoi head (or shoulder) and pushes her down to a split. Melanie then grabs heel and lifts as high as she can and drops kick (while Naomi still iN Split)  on Namoi (Dialogue before) and this stuns Naomi. Melanie then does low kick to Naomi who leans body forward to dodge kick (while in split) and Melanie spins around.

5) After Melanie  spins around from the kick, she  lunges for Namoi, but Namoi sitting on the ground throws a kick to Melanie’s throat and stops her in her tracks. Dialogue here from Naomi while her foot is at her throat.

6) Naomi gets up, while Melanie is stunned and does a few cartwheels (actual cartwheels) away from Melanie (they should be a few feet away). Melanie composes herself and says something to Naomi and Naomi responds challenging her.  Melanie runs at her and does a jump Kick (or punch), but NAomi quickly drops into a split to avoid her (Melanie goes over Namoi). Namoi says something to her here. 

7) Naomi stands up and laughs, but Melanie does a quick high kick and does 2 or 3 more high kicks hitting Naomi and moves her to a wall. 

8) While Naomi back on wall,Melanie steps back does roundhouse kick, but Naomi drops to split to avoid it and as she is going down punches up and hit the back of Melanie’s knee. Naomi says something “this is the beginning of the end for you”.

9) Melanie turns and try’s to get away, but can’t. Naomi does sweep kick (where she squats down and does it) to other leg and Melanie drops into split. Namoi stands in front of Melanie, while she is still in split, and puts side foot under her chin to try and lift her, but Melanie is unable to stand. Try’s again with front of foot same result. Naomi says “don’t make this harder than it needs to be, your not walking out of here.” Melanie says something cocky back and Naomi “says find have it your way”  drops Into split iN front of her and says “i hope this hurts” and Pulls her arm Straight back (like you would pull and bow and arrow) back and With a flat hand strikes her throat with fingertips with a loud kiya. When she pulls her arm back Melanie’s head falls forward on Namoi shoulder (camera from the back now) Namoi smiles for a few seconds and says “huh still breathing, I can fix that” (this is all while they both are in splits)

10) Naomi finishes with a gymnastic/flexible/high kick (preferably a combination) move, just not the split across body jumping up and down with another load kiya. Looks down on broke body and says “that is better” and walks out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi shows to Melanie that she is better fighter

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