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  • Sasha was hired to eliminate a Karate Champion

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Film 1   

Can Sasha please wear brown pantyhose and black top like in picture 1 above. And under that the orange bikini like in picture 2 above

Can Sasha please have her hair bind like she has in picture 3 above? With any kind of band like last time

If possible, can one or both films be shoot without the guy wearing a mask

Sasha has been hired to eliminate a Karate Champion who shall defend his title on a tournament

Sasha comes in the room and tells her opponent that she has been hired to eliminate him. He looks at her and asks how she wants to do that as he can not see any weapons

Sasha laughs at him and tells him she will need only her legs and feet for this

He asks her if Sasha knows who he is and tells her that Sasha is in deep trouble now as he is the Karate Champion and she is only a girl

The fight starts and for the first 3 minutes it is an equal fight. Sasha kicks him a few times and he kicks or punches Sasha too. After 3 minutes he kicks Sasha very hard and tells her that she has no chance and he will punish her now

Sasha laughs at him and goes to the table. She tells him that he is no match for her and that she will need only her legs and feet to eliminate him

She lies on the table and starts to pose her legs. He can not get his eyes away of her legs and can not concentrate on fighting anymore

Sasha kicks him several times while she still lies on the table. He falls on his knees. Sasha rubs her feet on his face. Than Sasha continue to pose her legs in front of him and than kicks him again several times and rubs again her feet on his face

After a few minutes he gives up. He knows he has no chance. Sasha tells him to go on his knees between her legs and beg her for sorry. He does but she continues to kick him

He tries to get out of the room, but Sasha places her foot on the door handle. She asks him if he is scared of her legs and feet. Than she kicks him again a few times

Sasha now removes the black top and has the orange bikini top under (now she has only the orange bikini on)

Sahsa lies on the floor and tells him she gives him a chance. If he can get around her legs and go to the door she will let him go

She gives him a few kicks while she is still lying on the floor next to him and he is on his knees. Sasha place one feet on his shoulder. Sasha asks him again if he is scared of her feet. She tells him to try get around her legs. She makes some stretching in front of him where she stretches one leg, so that he can try get around. When he tries, Sasha puts him into a head scissor. She squeezes his head so hard, he is crying to let her go and he is tapping out. Sasha doesn’t let him out of the scissor. She tells him he must beg her to get out and call her mistress. He begs her to let him out of the scissor, but she continues squeezing his head and than she rubs her feet again on his face

Until the end can Sasha please lay on the side on the floor and continue to pose her legs in front of his face and make sure he can not pass her legs and leave. She kicks him with series of kicks while she lays on the floor. She verbally humiliates him and telling him how weak he is and that she is enjoying how scared he is, but she will eliminate him before she leave. She puts her feet on his shoulder and head and laugh at him. She massages her feet all over his face and his head. At the end, she puts him again into a scissor. She squeezes so hard. He begs Sasha to let him go, but she just continues to scissor him until he is finished

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Sasha was hired to eliminate a Karate Champion

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