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  • Super strong Lillian with huge dumbbell

Custom clip request 

i would like to have another custom made clip with lillian (with the outfit from lillain and sasha test each others bellies)  

first scene is: lillian in the gym curling a 80 kg dumbbell with one arm (big dumbbell made like real) 2 big guys trying to lift the other dumbbell off the ground, they lift it a couple of inches,than  with a loud boom he feld to the ground., lillian laughing at them, woww you both are soo weak.. look at me i lift this 80 kg  only with one arm. (the men are surpised) lillian is doing 20 reps and lauch at them ,  then she gives the large dumbbell in one guys hand. soo now you try big man..  he tryed with 2 arms and  let the dumbbell failed to the ground with a loud boom. lillian laughed agian. looks like my little femine small arm (feeling her arm)  is much stronger than both arms of you and you friend together, then lillain asked the guys to give her a hand. they did. now let me show you how weak you are and how powerfull i am.  she squeesed both men hands (bones cracking ) they falled to the ground on there knees screaming in pain. please let us go you breaking or hands.. she let the men go.. 

then lillian bends over to one guy , i wonder how much you weigh. she then picks this man up onder his arm pits, his  feet dangling in the air.  (differend angles full expose also like the other custom clip)  the men screams please let me down.. lillian. woww light as  a feather to me she lifts him down looks him in the eyes and up again. then she let him fall on the ground..

new scene: a big guy lay on the ground with the hands tied up behing the back, 

lillain enters the room ,  i want to continu my workout, cause those 80 kg dumbbells where way to light for me. (lillian flexing her biceps and feeling them) i dident feel nothing. so now i use you as my personal dumbbell maybe i feel something now (feeling her biceps)  soo i wonder how much you weighing?

big guy: i weigh about 200 pound 90kg. lillian lauching wow that should  be enough for my strong arm  (flex her bicep)  .. then she walks to the big guy and picks them up by the throat, lifts them in the air,  she likes the site of how easy she lifts the big guy in the air )  (full expose also like the other custom clip) . mmmm soo sexy . look at  you.  and up and down you go.  big guy screams please let me down. lillian oke i will put you down, she let him down on his tip toes, and up you go agian.  lillian lauches at him. she enjoys how easy she's lifts him in the air. agian,  thanks for the great workout. , next time i looking for heavier men, to get more stronger.. lauching     end.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Super strong Lillian with huge dumbbell

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