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  • Melanie makes man to obey

Custom clip request 

I’d like to order a ten minute video starring Melanie and smaller man. No mask. 

Costums: Melanie is wearing heels from “Melanie loses to Weaker Opponent” and dress  from “Melanie toys with the Criminal” with bare legs, please. 

Our hero enters to find Melania waiting for him with her beautiful legs crossed. 

“Welcome. We’ve been waiting for you. Soon you will refer to me and my legs as your master”

She crosses them seductively

“Come to me”

He does so

“Kneel before me”

He refuses. 

“Good. A challenge”

She stands up slowly. Very close to him. She is power. 

“I shall enjoy breaking you, my dear”

He tries to punch her but she catches it in her fist. She squeezes it. He falls to his knees she continues to squeeze his fist causing him to lean against her legs. 

“They want you. And so do I, little one”

She grabs his throat and lifts him off his feet. A shot of his legs dangling next to hers. As she holds him up she begins to walk him to the nearest wall.

“No one can resist Melania. You’re no match for me.”

She lowers him to his feet, sliding him down the wall. Then she raises one leg and drapes it over his shoulder and leans in close.

“My legs have you already. Poor baby”

She squeezes his shoulder with that leg. He tries to push it off with his opposite hand but can’t. 

“You belong to me”

She releases him. He slumps. He tries to run away. She follows him casually. She knows he’s not going anywhere. 

The door is locked. He turns away from it right into her arms. She’s wrapped around his waist but his arms are free. She holds him tight.  She very slowly squeezing him. He doesn’t even realize it, at first 

“Trouble breathing, my love? That’s because I’m slowly crushing you”

She smiles as she continues to squeeze him. He tries to push off her but she has him. He eventually can't move in her arms. She holds him possessively. 

“Mine” she whispers. 

Fade out


Fade in. 

He wakes up in front of her crossed legs. 

POV on her legs as she crosses them. Trying to seduce him. 

“Who do you belong to?”

He reaches for her legs. He puts his hand on her thigh and she crosses her leg trapping it. He tries to push off against her crossed thigh but he isn’t strong enough. 

She grabs his chin and makes him look her in the eyes. 

“Who do you belong to?”

He continues to resist. She releases him. While he is massaging his hand she lifts him off his feet under the armpits. Shot of his legs against hers. 

“Submit. Admit that you’re mine”

He continues to resist.  She tosses him across the room. She struts to him. Grabbing him in a forward facing bearhug, his arms pinned, she begins to crush him again. Looking into his eyes. 

“Feel me crushing you”

“You’re mine”

Pan from their feet up to their faces. He is out. His head on her shoulder. 


Fade to

Him waking up between her legs. She has him in a side body scissors. She’s propped up on her elbow looking into his eyes. 

“Submit to my legs and I won’t crush you completely”

She begins to squeeze slowly. His hands run alongside her legs. At first trying to push them off then caressing them. 

She turns his head to face her

“Who do you belong to?l

“You” he says at last. 


She releases him and sits on a chair and crosses her legs tor him. 

“Now come to me”

He goes to her. 


He does so. 

“You’re mine”



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Melanie makes man to obey

  • Brand: MELANIE
  • Product Length: 10 minutes
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