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  • Ivy's nightmare

Custom clip request 

a little special clip that I ask you

scene 1 (5 minutes)

ivy returns to a room tired from her work day

she takes off her jeans and lies down on the bed

ivy hears a noise under the bed she looks but sees nothing

ivy lies down on the bed and falls asleep with one hand coming from under the bed

touch her leg ivy wakes up but sees nothing

ivy gets up sits on the bed two hands grabs her ankles (photo1)

ivy struggles strongly gets up tries to get free but it lasts

ivy manages to free one ankles fight for the other ankles

she manages to run out of the room and says she is in a nightmare

scene 2 (8 minutes)

ivy comes back into the room again and looks under the bed and sees nothing

it must be a nightmare she gets up and four hands grabs her ankles

(two hands per ankles photo2) ivy struggles a lot but the hands are too strong

after a hellish struggle ivy has no more strength in the jamabes

ivy falls on the ground she still struggles but has a hard time coming off

the four hands pull ivy under the bed

end of the clip thank you

ivy outfit after removing jeans: Ivy fights for the family’s gym

ivy must remain standing while taking these ankles thank you

many camera view of legs of ivy thank you

A little addition from Lesley Fox: Ivy finds the guys under her bed who decided to make fun of her and punishes them hard. She kicks them and сhoкes the both with her splited legs.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ivy's nightmare

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