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  • Carly stomps her offender's chest

Custom clip request 

Requires Carly and one male opponent 

I would like her toes to be coloured in dark red please or similar

So it starts with a karate master in a ring practicing

Carly comes in wearing office clothes and high hills.

She tells the master that her daughter came home crying after class cause the master told her she was no good and this is unacceptable.

The master tells her that all women are weak and her little girl is a joke.

She tells him that she also used to train in karate.

He laughs and tells her

Ok let’s fight you and me now

If the first one who touches the floor outside the ring losses. If she wins he will sign his business to her but if he wins her daughter never comes to class again and he can have sex with her. Carly agrees and takes off her high hills. He takes his shirt off so his chest is exposed.

She goes into the ring bare foot.

They start fighting. After 30 seconds she kicks him and he falls to the corner of the ring. She comes to him and puts her foot on his chest pushing until he losses consciousness. She picks him up and gives him a few knees to the stomach. After that she punches him and he falls outside the ring on his back.

She tells him you are on your back outside the ring, you lost. He gets up fast and enters the ring.

He tells her that doesn’t count you cheated. They fight for one minute again when the same happens with the foot squeeze on his chest at the corner. When he losses consciousness, she lifts him by his throat and kicks him. He again falls out of the ring on his back. She jumps from the ring and lands on his chest with both her feet. She looks down at him and smiles. She says well it seems like you can’t get back into the ring this time. Do you give up to me. He says yes you defeated me, I give up. She says good while smiling. Then she gets down from his chest and leaves one foot on his chest. 

She says did ever dream that you will be lying on the floor defeated without a female foot on your chest, begging for forgiveness. Say you are sorry and that women are superior to men.

He says you are the best, women are stronger than men.

She says: so I decided to let you live for now( all this with her foot on his chest and a smile) but from now on you and your business belong to me. Is that clear.

He says yes boss.

She says very good.

My daughter will return to class tomorrow and you will treat her with respect loser, you understand.

He says I understand.

She says very well.

She steps off his chest and starts walking away

As she is walking way he says bitch.

She turns around approaches him and smashes her foot on his chest.

He lifts his head struggling and finally gives up and dies.

She lifts her hands in the air and screams who is the champion now??  I am.

She climbs on his chest steps over him and leaves

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Carly stomps her offender's chest

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