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  • Green mile. Lillian executes the prisoner

Lillian's Clothes:

-Yoga pants as in: "The lesson in self defense from Lillian."

-Boots as in: "Lillian's boyfriend is jealous of her slave." (boots should fit snugly at the calves)

-White shirt as in: "Lillian punishes her slave for escaping"

-Police cap.

We see the entire clip full-length. As much as possible.

Scene 1:

In the boss's office the prisoner is standing against the wall. He must be a tall and strong man. He is shirtless and barefoot. The boss is sitting at his desk.

Lilliang knocks on the door.

"Go ahead," says the boss.

Lillian enters.

"Good morning boss," she says.

-Good morning Lillian. The best executioner in all  Russia. Here I have a new condemned for you, "says the chief, pointing to the prisoner.

-Thanks my dear little boss. You know how much I like to kill these criminals. The scum of society- Says Lillian

-You deserve an award for your work-says the boss

The prisoner groans.

Lillian takes him by the arm and prepares to get him out of the office.

"Should I kill him fast or can I take my time?" She asks.

"What a smart girl," says the boss, laughing.

-One should try to make her job as fun as possible -she says

"You can hang him around his neck like in the old west," says the boss.

-But boss, he is going to die very fast !! - she protests.

The prisoner protests. She knees him in the testicles. The prisoner falls to the floor. Then she grabs him by the testicles and forces him to stand up. As she continues the dialogue with the chief she will keep his hand exerting more and less pressure on the prisoner's testicles.  Lillian squeezes the prisoner's testicles as she talks to the boss. Her position is always with her back to the prisoner and his body facing the boss like in this picture:


-What a smart girl -said the boss laughing- you can take him to the middle of the field, spray him with gasoline and set him on fire.

-I love that. Whenever I kill prisoners like that they run away with their bodies on fire until they fall. It's so much fun to watch !!! - Lillian says laughing.

The boss and Lillian laugh together. The prisoner complains. She squeezes his testicles more and more.

"I can execute several prisoners that way at the same time." It would be a nice show for everyone, "she says.

- What a smart girl. An example for all the girls- says the boss laughing.

-Thanks dear boss- Lillian says squeezing more and more the prisoner's testicles- but this time I ask permission to take him to a dungeon and kill him in private. I have new torture ideas that I want to experiment with. I also want to cut off his testicles with a knife. Then I will give them to you as a present ...

-My dear Girl. You can do whatever you want. Just be careful that he doesn't die too fast. You can take several weeks in the process.

Lillan jumps with joy always squeezing the prisoner's testicles.

"I love you, boss," she says. Then she takes the prisoner by the arm and takes him out of the office.

-Come on, I'm very excited to start.

Scene 2

This scene takes place outside,  along a path of approximately 50 meters. (not dirt, it must be cement or any surface where we hear the sound of the heels of Lillian's boots). She takes him by the arm. They walk slowly. The prisoner lets himself be led with resignation. This scene 8 min

-Another execution for my resume. What a pity that young men like you end up like this. You should think about it before. For me it is pure fun- she says, stopping and gently pushing the prisoner against the wall with her hand on his chest.

-How many men have you killed miss-asks the condemned respectfully.

-I do not know. I lost the count. Surely more than a hundred, "she says, stroking his head.

-Please don’t kill me. I’am very afraid.

-But dear it is my job. I will kill you today, and in a very painfull way. Ha ha

"I can ask you one last wish, miss," he begs.

-But of course my little boy. I'm not as bad as they say, "she says.

"One last cigarette," asks the man.

-Yeah right.

He takes out a cigarette and lights it. She pulling his hair forces him to sit on the floor. She sits across from him. All the time while they talk she plays caressing his body with her boots. Sometimes she gently sticks his heel into some part of his body mischievously. This moment lasts 5 min. They can talk about everithing. Improvise. Be creative. 

When he finishes smoking she forces him to stand-up and they continue walking. She takes him by the arm. Start walking again. 

-How am I going to kill you? Please help me decide, "she says.

-No pain miss please -asks the man

"But it's a very important part of the fun," she says. "I'm going to execute you with a gun come on."

-Thanks Lillian, that will be little pain for me-says the prisoner and kneels to kiss her boots.

-Don't believe ha ha ha-she answers and forces him to stop. 

She carries it for 20 more meters. Improvise some more talking. Always full length.

Scene 3

They arrive in the dungeon. She sets him against the wall, steps away, and takes the guн. Aim at the prisoner's chest.

"Ready!" She says

-Yes miss, do it quickly-says the prisoner crying

She shoots him in the arm. The prisoner falls in pain, she approaches and forces him to stand up. She forces him to stand against the wall and takes aim.

-I can use the entire charger so that you have full suffering -Lillian says laughing. Aim and shoot him in the other arm. The prisoner falls. She approaches and shoots him in the leg, then the other.

"Now your stomach" she says and shoots him. The prisoner is lying on the floor. Lillian puts one foot on his chest.

After 30 seconds the prisoner is finished.

She places a flower on his body

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Green mile. Lillian executes the prisoner

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