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  • Klara should have taken Naomi seriously

Naomi: Wears a Sporty Outfit like Naomi puts karate Master on the Mats. She plays the weaker fighter, but she ha better fighting skills and is faster as Klara.

Klara: Wears a Sporty Outit too, just a normal Top and Pants. I am sure you have something like that for here.

Her Style (Hair, Make up..) is like the first Klara rescues her Sister.  She plays the strong fighter, she can take many hits and only shows a little reaction from it, but still with moaning. Just take Ivy from 

the Clip "Ivy accidentally lost the fight" as an example, she was really good in this Video. 

The Clip is about her downfall, so she get most hits and the focus is on here.  She plays a conceited and arrogant fighter, and thinks the little Naomi is no match for here.

The fight is simple and has only 3 Parts:


Part one: Klara is approaching Naomi and looks  sure of here Victory, Naomi goes in fighting position and Klara stands casual with a smile on here Face. After this the fight beginns, in the first Part Klara beats up

Naomi. She is really superior at this moment. She enjoys the fight and smiles sometimes. Naomi goes down  2 times, and everytime Klara  is just waiting for her to get up again. She just plays with her opponent, Klara

is really superior at this Moment.


Part two: This is the longest Part, as i said Naomi is faster and has more fighting skills as Klara. No the slow downfall of Klara beginns, during Part two Naomi can give her more and more punches. I would like to see

Body, Head and Belly punches against her.  At the beginning Klara is still conceited, even when she get hits now. She even mocks Naomi that she is weak and she can barely feel the punches.  But over the Time

she gets more and more hits and Naomi less, now she become furious because Naomi can dodge/avoid most of her attacks. She now tries serious to take her out, but only becomes more Hits. Naomi gives her

strong body a hard treatment.  But for now Klara can take all the punches and kicks like a Machine. 


Part three: But after many punches Klara finally becomes weaker and Naomi can push the attack against her. Klara still tries to attack her, but she hit nothing and is now a easy target for Naomi.  At the end Klara is

defenceless and is retreating. Naomi shows no mercy and gives her punch over punch.  I would like to see one scene where she stands against a Wall and Naomi punches her Belly with quick punches. In the End

it is to much for Klara and she goes down. You can decide how.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Klara should have taken Naomi seriously

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