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  • Lillian wants to participate to the team of the gym

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The video begins with Lillian who, after finishing her workout in the gym, is ready to go out but she notes 4 men are talking to each other and after greeting them, she asks them what they are organizing. One of them explains that they are the elite of the gym selected to represent the gym in the tournaments of the gyms that the federation organizes to stimulate the gyms to improve more and more.

In reality the selection is practically finished and as in the last few years the four finalists are always the four present there, the only thing left to do amongst them is to decide who will be the reserve because three people participate in the tournament and the fourth must be the reserve in case one of the three gets injured.

Lillian is very interested and seems to like the initiative and when the men have finished to explain she asks why there isn’t any woman in the team. The fourth look at each other than burst out laughing ahahaha. A woman??? Women are not even invited to the selections; they would only waste time and they risk getting hurt so they aren’t even invited to participate in the selections. Lillian asks if the regulation forbids the participation to women …. No, it’s not specified in the regulation, the participation is free but it hasn’t any sense to let women participate. They are not at the same level to men, both for physical strength and for skills in combat sports.

The fact is that in order to participate to this tournament it doesn’t need only strength or ability or agility because there are different disciplines where all of these characteristics are indispensable and this is a physical prerogative of men. Lillian disputes the fact that these skills can only be found in a man. She claims that women not only can participate but also, they can overwhelm men. But men still laugh.

Then Lillian having seen that the selection is not yet completely finished, wants to participate to show that women can safely beat men.

The men tell her that if she want to participate with them she could do the cheerleader or something still more interesting to keep up the moral of the group and they laugh, but that they will not let her participate in the selections because it is ridiculous, it is stupid. No woman can compete with men of their level. In recent participations they have also won important trophies and they are the most qualified team in the region and one of the most highly rated in the state.

Lillian asks if by chance they are afraid of measuring themselves against a woman. Then finally the men accept her challenge but they threat her that she wanted it ....

To stop her immediately, they offer her an arm-wrestling challenge against the one of them considered less strong but still of an excellent level.

The man starts swaggering but then he feels that Lillian is very resistant and therefore starts to concentrate more and push harder and harder until he pushes at his maximum strength. Lillian tells him, that's all?? IF you can't push more, I think we can close the challenge now and she starts pushing it down in a few seconds. The friends of the man, at the beginning of the challenge joke then they stimulate him to win saying he can’t he lose against a woman and in the end, they cannot believe what happened, in fact immediately a second man wants to challenge Lillian sure to beat her. This time he pushes immediately but Lillian knocks him down in a short time and showing full control of the situation. At this point the question becomes serious, male superiority must be re-established so the armwrestling champion comes forward. Well I see you are not as weak as we thought, now let's see what you can do against a champion…. I haven't lost a challenge for a couple of years and I certainly won't lose now against a woman. Lillian is not afraid and says she is very curious. The challenge begins and the man starts to push immediately but containing his effort but Lillian resist quietly so he starts with every kind of effort. Lillian always appears to be in control but after a while she seems to go down but she is joking with him, she lets her opponent gain a little advantage so he believes he can win but she is playing with him ... Then she remains at a disadvantage for a few seconds and comments on the power of his opponent in an ironic way. Woww you are really strong, I understand why you haven't lost in the last two years, you are really a super macho. But after a while, in an instant she regains the initial position. The man now is terrified and tries desperately to win, he sticks to the table and does everything he can but after a few seconds the defeat is inevitable. The other men put their hands in their hair. It is not possible!!! There must be a trick. The champion invents a pathetic excuse, saying he has slipped and wants an immediate revenge, wants to give himself another chance ... Lillian, who knows perfectly that it is not true, says that to show them that the champion has not slipped she can leave him an advantage, she can challenge him or with two fingers against one hand or with one hand against two, at his choose!! The man chooses one of the two challenges but there is nothing to do against Lillian's superiority.

But men do not give up on the evidence and one of them proposes, can you fight two of us?? And Lillian replies: I think yes, but we can try. And she wins. Then she proposes a new battle with two men on her right and two on her left simultaneously. At this point men are sure they can win. During the challenge Lillian, come on guys, you are 4 against one woman, you are so weak. Then she knocks out the two challengers on the left and says them to help the other 2 friends. They are now 4 vs 1 but Lillian wins.

Ok guys, now I would say I am part of the team, isn’t it??? But men who don’t want her and who do not accept having been defeated by a woman explain that it’s not enough to be not so bad in one of the categories but that it needs to be able in all categories. So now they challenge her to the tug of war. This time the strongest one in this category starts like a first opponent, they don’t want risk she wins also in this category. They think that she is so light, for sure she can’t win. But for Lillian the challenge is too easy and she wins without any difficult. She is amused so she proposes to challenge two at the same time. During the battle for a while she uses only one hand and she teases them.

Then she challenges the other two but during the challenge considering she is totally in control she invites a third man to help them and then the fourth. After they have tried with any effort at last, she wins the match. The men are baffled, they would never have thought possible to find such a strong opponent and, moreover, it is a woman ... 

Now they propose a challenge of pushing like rugby hoping that their weight could be help them and Lillian proposes to try directly against two opponents but she wins easily. Then the other two want to try but she advices them if they want to have any possibility, they need to try all together but still this way Lillian wins.

There is only a possibility now. It needs to eliminate her in the fight.

The men are all great expert and ask her if she has experience in martial arts but she says that she has only participated in some self-defense lessons. Then men advise her to give up, it could be dangerous for her fight with them but Lillian is not afraid, indeed she is eager to measure herself also in this test.

The clash begins and incredibly is a one-sided match. Lillian is faster, more agile and more precise.

Parry or avoid your opponent's shots while she always scores relentlessly. The fight continues with the buddy who incite their representative and Lillian who tries to incite and provoke him to make the fight more interesting but after a while the man can no longer get up. Lillian is satisfied and thinks that everything is finally over, now her demonstration has been definitively convincing. But the fight champion hasn’t the same idea. He stands up, confident, the time has come to settle accounts and restore male superiority. But Lillian is totally self-confident now. She asks: did you see what happened to your friend? Are you sure you want to challenge me?? Of courses I'm sure, now I'll give you the lesson you deserve…. But even against the champion Lillian's superiority is clear and despite the desperate attempts of the man Lillian dominates the challenge. When Lillian begins to see him in difficulty, she advises him to give up to avoid an even heavier defeat but the man does not want to give up. Lillian helps him a couple of times to get up almost with tenderness. Until the man can no longer get up. At this point the last two men get up, look at each other and say: give her a lesson. And you guys shouldn't let me join the team and that's it? You will never join the team and they attack her but the match always has the same outcome, it’s a one-sided match. After some times the two men start to be in difficult so the other two men that have regained some energies try to help her friends. Now it’s an incredible 1 vs 4.

When the men are at the limit of their strength, Lillian plays a bit with them until she places one by one a definitive knock out.

Eventually Lillian comments something like that she expected much more from champions like them, she was not sure they could beat her but at least she expected a little more stamina. Men today are increasingly disappointing. Now I understand why don’t you invite women to the selections ahahaha. During the final comments she walks amongst them and sometimes she puts a foot on one of them. When she has finished she orders them to stand up and go out if they don’t want she beats them still more hardly ….. The men stand up with difficult terrorized by a new lesson and she takes one of them for an ear and kicks the others in their asses to push they out.

She says that it has been amusing, she wears her shoes and the video ends.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian wants to participate to the team of the gym

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