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  • Carly crushes the man's chest with her feet
Custom clip request 
I would like Carly to act with one male opponent 
You work as a secretary in an office you dressed official with stilletos shoes. Your boss always makes sexist remarks to you how weak women are. After everybody is gone you go to him and tell him it’s inappropriate and he should stop making the remarks. He answers that is you don’t like it you can leave. As you turn around to leave he tells you to stop. He tells you he heard you used to do martial arts. Then he says he will make a bet with you. The two of you fight right now and who ever finds himself on his back on the floor loses. If he losses he won’t make anymore remarks and makes you a department manager. If you loss he gets to have sex with you. You agree. You take off you shoes. I need you toe nails to be colored ruby red please. He takes off his shirt and his chest is exposed. You fight for about 2 minutes. You knock him out twice during the 2 minutes but he is able to recover and get up. At the end of the two minutes I want him with his back to the wall you approach him and start kicking his chest with you sole which means you put you foot on his chest squeeze for a few seconds then switch feet and do the same for about five times. After the fifth time he tries to hit you but you catch his arm and put you foot on his chest and use his arms to pull while your foot pushes on his chest until he losses consciousness
He falls on his back.
I want you to climb on his desk and pretend to jump from his desk with your feet on his chest.
The next part you stand straight on his chest looking down at him and say: well I haven’t touched the ground yet drake but you have with a victorious smile. He says you defeated me I’m done. You step down from his chest and leave one foot on his chest. You say you never thought that you will end up on your back under my foot. You were defeated by a woman. Well looks like I’ll have to finish you off. You start twisting your foot on his chest like you are crushing a cigarette. He starts begging no please I give up please stop. You lift your foot in front of his face and tell him kiss my foot loser. He kisses your foot and bring it back to his chest. You tell him so I won the bet?? He says yes yes. You say so no more remarks?? He says no more I promise. You say good But I need some leverage. I’m going to give myself  a small present from this historical event. You take out your phone and take a picture of your foot on him.
The. You tell just don’t forget tomorrow where you have been last night and every time you will look at you chest you will remember my foot on it. You lift you foot and smash it on his chest. He lifts his head trying to struggle but after a few seconds put his head down and losses consciousness.
You climb on his chest, take your shoes and leave.

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Carly crushes the man's chest with her feet

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