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  • 2 guys challenge Carly to see who has the strongest upper body

Custom clip request 

I would be interested in a custom video between Carly and two muscular guys.

Carly would wear the outfit she wore in Carly Enters The Game. There are 2 guys wearing just the black trunks they strip to; no shirts.

This would be an upper body test of strength challenge with her completely overpowering them with no effort on her part.

The two guys come in and challenge Carly to see who has the strongest upper body. They tell her they are direct decedents of the ancient strongmen/gods Hercules and Atlas; but they are even stronger than their ancestors. They each do a double biceps pose to show their powerful muscles.

Carly standing with her hands on her hips tells them she is ready to challenge such super strong men, "lets go, who is first".

Hercules steps up and puts his arms up for a mercy test of strength challenge like in the video "So Big But So Weak". They lock hands and he begins to try and put her down but she does not show any effect and does not budge an inch from his efforts, even though he is trying with all his strength. She tells him how sad it is that the great Hercules can't overpower a schoolgirl. After a minute of his trying to budge her arms she easily and slowly overpowers him making him go down to his knees.

She releases Hercules and tells Atlas that its his his turn. He steps up tells her that he is much stronger than Hercules and puts his arms out  for the same test of strength mercy challenge. This challenge turns out the same as the one with Hercules with Carly telling him he is stronger than Hercules, but not as strong as she is.

Next she suggest each of them do the test of strength mercy challenge but she will only use one of her arms against their two arms. They accept and each take a turn at trying to overpower her. As before they are unable to  make her try hard even though they are using two arms against her one.

The next challenge is a chest to chest bearhug. She stands with hands on her hips while Hercules steps up facing her and puts his arms under hers and tries to crush her in a bearhug. He does not try to pick her up or swing her around, they both stand flat footed during the bearhug with her maintaining her hands on her hips pose. He strains his powerful muscles and tries with all his might but she does not even notice his efforts, asking if he has even started to squeeze her. After a minute she wraps her arms around his and bear hugs him. She slowly and easily crushes him with him showing pain and begging her to stop crushing him. After about a minute she lets his body drop to the floor.

Now Atlas steps up and puts her in a bear hug just like with Hercules. His arms are under hers, she just stands there in her hands on hips pose while he tries to crush her chest. He does no better than Hercules  did and after a minute of having no effect on her powerful chest she places her hands on each side of his chest, under his arms and  pushes him about a foot from her and starts to squeeze his chest inward  using only her hands. Her strength is to great and he moans ands cries that she is crushing his superpowered body and begs her to stop; after a minute of this he slumps to the floor.

She now suggest they both challenge her together, at the same time, making it two on one. "Certainly the two strongest men in the universe can overpower one schoolgirl." With renewed hope they flex their muscles believing that together they can easily beat her.

They  step up to her and each put their hands on each of her shoulders and try to push her backwards. She just stands there in her hands on hips pose. They try and struggle with all their strength but do not budge her an inch. After a minute of this she slowly walks forward while they still try to push her. She easily moves them backwards until she has them up against a wall. She  places a hand on each of their chest and crushes them against the wall until they beg her to stop.

The two of them are clearly beaten and she grabs the top of their trunks pulls them away from the wall and pushes them up against each other so that they are back to back with her to their side. She places a hand on each of their chest and starts to press them against each other. They each grab the  arm pressing  each of them and try to free themselves but can't budge her arms. She continues crushing them against each other but is now using only one finger to press against each chest. After a minute of this they are out and she lets them slip to the floor. She pulls one body on top the other squats down puts a knee on the pile of supermen and does a double biceps victory pose.

I think this would run 15 to 20 minutes.

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2 guys challenge Carly to see who has the strongest upper body

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