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  • The homeslave for Lillian

The clip begins at the point where "Lillian punishes her slave for escaping" ends.

Scene 1

Lillian is in the same bikini and the same shoes. The prisoner kneeling in front of her. He has a patch covering one of his eyes. (only one eye, with a pirate eye patch)

She has a bottle of water in her hands. Have a little drink.

-Please, miss, you've been denying me drinking water for 3 days. I am very thirsty ...

She drinks another bit and laughs.

-You know I've punished you: a week without drinking water for badly polishing my favorite boots.

-But I can't stand it. I'm going to ...-says the slave pleading.

-And why do I care? -She laughs

-Please I beg. I can not take anymore

-Is this what you want?- She asks, throwing some water on the floor.

The desperate slave tries to drink the water from the ground.

-Miserable, don't you dare disobey- she says and begins to kick him cruelly.

The slave lies on the ground.

She places a foot on his chest.

-Are you okay? I must not lose my fun toy.

She reaches down and puts a little water on his lips.

The slave reacts.

-Now I must go to school. I'm going to make sure you don't escape.

She proceeds to tie him with a rope. She ties his arms and legs tight.

-Bye slave, I'll be back in a few hours.

"Please water," he pleads.

She approaches and kicks him several times.

- Hold on like a man. You are trash.

Lillian leaves the scene.


Scene 2

The prisoner is still tied on the floor.

Lillian comes in after school. She is dressed as in "Lillian plaing with her pet", same skirt, black or red shoes and a white shirt from "Lillian punishes her slave for escaping" and white knee-high stockings.

-Hello, slave, I'm back from scool- she says and gives him three kicks

-Water please.

-I won't give you water but I'm going to untie you- she says.

She unties him and puts a collar on him.

"My pet slave," she says walking him around the room.

She takes the slave to a large couch. She makes him to lie down at her feets. (see reference photo for the position). She sits on the sofa and rest one foot on the slave's chest and the other on his throat. We see the scene in diferent camera angles. Mostly full length

-You have a big Adam's Apple- she says, pressing against his neck.

She picks up her cell phone. While looking at some content she plays by digging the heels of her shoes into his body. Then she sets one foot on the slave's private parts.

- Aaaghh- moan the man

-I love the sound of pain -she laughs as she digs the heel of her shoe into the slave's testicles.

The slave screams in pain.

- How was your life like before being a prisoner?- She asks.

-Aghh ... I don't remember anymore -answers the slave.

-You had girlfriend?

-Yes, I was very in love with her, but she left me when I entered the prison. Aghhh.

She continues pushing him with the heels of her shoes.

-Are your testicles hurting you? Haha you have no more testicles. You are no longer a man.

-Agghhh. Please stop, the pain is intolerable.

-Do you accept that you need to be punished?

-Yes miss I accept…aaghhh!!

-Ha ha, inflicting pain is better than sex.

-I have no more dignity- says the man crying.

- Ohh poor Little best- she said laughing-you must understand that I own you. You are my property and I can do whatever I what. I decide if you live.

-Yes miss. But please give me some wáter!!!

-I forgot that I have to do my homework –she said- you will do it and well or you will get a severe punishment…you will get a severe punishmeny anyway hahaha.


Scene 3

They are boths sitting on the couch. She has one leg crossed over one of his legs as seen in the figure above. He has a notebook and a pencil and is trying to solve a difficult problem. She has her cell phone and is chatting with someone. We see the scene in diferente angles. She plays moving her crossed leg up and down. Sometimes she caresses him on the leg with her shoe or on the head with her hands to distract him (This situation at least 10 min).

-My boyfriend is worried because I'm living with a man in my house. But I explain that you are not a man but a toy for me to have fun exercising in you my sadism. For you it is a suffering every day. For me it is pure fun. You have finished?

The slave shakes his head.

She stands up and stands with her back to him. He places each heel of his shoes on each feet of him and begins to press.

-Hurry up. If you don't finish soon I'm going to break your foot bones.

She digs the heels of her shoes more and more until a crack is heard.

-Aaaghhh you broke my feets.

-You're useless, a worm larva. You deserve to be punished.

She starts punching, kicking, kneeling until the man falls.

She takes a baseball bat.

-I'm sick of you. I'm going to execute you. Come on ... on all fours.

-No no please…

-Come on obey!!

The man obediently gets down on all fours. She calculates a blow to the head and boom!

The man falls but continues moving.

-You still live? Come on, back on all fours.

-No please I want to live- Says the crying man. He is a Little stupid because the knock

-Obey worm.

The man returns to all fours. She calculates and hits him on the head again. The action is repeated two or three more times until the slave finished.

-It's time to go back to the prison and get a new slave. Hahaha. She looks to the camera:

-Maybe you wil be the next hahahaha!!!

Language: Russian with English subtitles


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The homeslave for Lillian

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