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  • Sasha failed to avenge the Naomi's losing
Custom clip request 
Sasha wears the Top from the Link (i think black Trousers would be nice to that, it should look elegant and  graceful)  , with binds Hair ( like Sasha humiliates her weaker opponent), some Make up and push up Bra if this is possible. Like the  " X loses against a weaker opponent" Videosshe plays the strong Character Role, she is very arrogant and self-confident and can take many punches befor she goes down. She has a strong Body, but she is not invincible, so there is a litte reation from her with moaning. I would like to see Head, Body and Belly punches against her. The Runtime is 15 Min, and this Video is about her downfall, so the focus is on here and she gets most Hits.
To made something like a Script, i have connected the Clip " Naomi loses the fight" with this Clip, so it would be nice if the same Guy can fight in this Clip.  Sasha is the big Sister from Naomi, she heard about her beating and
is looking for revenge. She enters the Room and ask the Guy if he remebers her Sister and what he did to her. He tells her that this was her own fault, she wanted this fight.  Sasha tells him that she will
revenge her Sister, and he tells her that she should be careful, because her Sister was conceited like her and still lost the fight. Sasha just smiles and tells him that he give him some free shots against her. He is hesitant but than he gives her 2-3 Belly punches ( she just stands befor him), but she only shows a little reaction from it. Now he gives her 2 Head punches, but again only a little reaction. After this he is confused and she smiles. She tells him, that she has  has  trained her Sister, and she is the much better fighter.  After this the real fight beginns.
At the beginning he gets his beatdown. He is attacking her, but she can easily dodge/avoid his attacks. She is fooling around with him,  smiles sometimes and is standing more casual ( he in fighting position). At this moment she is really superior.  After his quick beatdown  he is on the Ground, and she is choking him with her feet.  " I tould you, you will pay for that!" she thinks she has already one this fight,  but he can free himself and stands up again. She is mocking him, because he still wants to keep fighting. 
He knows that he will lose the fight, when he is fighting like this. Again she stands Casual and is just waiting and he in fighting Position. But this time, he tells her that she should attack him. She tells him that this will chance nothing, he just can´t defeat her.   And now she is attacking him, and he is in defense. 
Now the Time of her slow downfall beginns: He can dodge most of her attacks, and he can give her some hits now. But Sasha really don't care about this, and keeps attacking him.  Over the Time she gets more and more Hits, and he less. At the start Sasha still looks convinced, but over the time she gets angry and impatient because most of her attacks down hit her Opponent. 
After some fighting, she is attacking him with a fist punch, but he can block her attack, holding and bending her Arm outwards. After this she stands sideways to him, like the Pic i sendet to you.  In this Position she can´t attack him, but he can still punch her Ribs. This is now the first time where she is struggling with the Pain. When he finally releases her, she is weaked and he pushes the attack against her. Now he controlls the fight, she still tries to attack him, but only
get more and more Hits.  Now i would like to see some stuff like:
After he hard kick she hits with her Back the Wall, he punches her Belly with quick punches. She needs some time, to push him away and get free again. After this she  attacks him , but he can avoid her attack.
He punches her Spine, what makes her squeeze/push out her Chest. He immediately goes befor her, and give her some hard belly punches. 
Another Arm bender/twister, what makes her defenseless so he can give her free shots. Maybe you can put in the second Pic i sendet to you:  He binds one Arm on her Back, her other Arm is behind her too. Now she is defenseless
and he can punch her Belly. 
After a good punch combination against her, she finally falls down on one Knee and is out of Breath.  He tells her that the fight is over, but she still has some Fire in her Eyes, and refuses to give up. This should be near
to the end of this fight.
She lies on the Ground, he is above her and gives her Belly punches.After this she is really weak,  and stuggles to stand up again.  After this the final moments of this fight beginns, she 
is completely defenseless and he gives her some final hits, befor she is out.  

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Sasha failed to avenge the Naomi's losing

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