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  • Naomi Quinn demonstrates her power to Melanie
Custom clip request 
I would like to inquire about a custom video. It will be no male actors and no special effects. The most important aspect to the video is flexible/gymnastic fighting, no punches, no weapons and high kicks. As for dialogue, English, but you can make the script however you want.

Actress #1 Naomi, but dressed as Harley Quinn, with no bat and only change to outfit is that she is wearing black socks for the fight.

Actress #2, whoever can meet the flexibility needs of the video. Lillian? Would like the outfit to be tshirt, sweatpants and socks (any color).

Below is a list of the aspects of the fight. I understand their are limitations, so I am going to list everything and you can figure out what can and can’t be done. Also I will just use N for Naomi and O for Other.

1. N stretching

2. O split punch, N laugh

3. N split punch

4. N high kick to head of O and foot ends up on wall for split on wall and she can say something here.

5. N high kick and O dodges the kick by cartwheeling away down the room (3 of 4 in total) and N follows after her cartwheeling (or flip).

6. O grabs N ( N back to O front ) and N does a kick over the shoulder to O face

7. As O is bent over, N does high kick, but she grabs her foot and holds it high before dropping the kick (and she can say something before doing the kick)

8. N from behind does high kick and puts leg on O shoulder and pushes her down into split with her leg on shoulder and then cartwheels over her.

9. With O laying on ground face down, N puts her foot under her chin and lifts her up by her chin until she is standing  (trash talking why lifting her). From here she has her leg up ready to kick (from side kick position) and she kicks her left eye, pulls back (trash talk), kicks right eye, pulls back (trash talk) and then final kick to top of forehead.

10. O roundhouse kick to head, then sweep kick to take N down. N laughs and gets up does scorpion kick O

11.  At somepoint of the fight when O tries to get up. N stops her by holding her leg up behind her and and trash talks when O gets up, but while still bent over N let’s go of her leg and drops kick on back of her neck.

12. Gymnastic move/kick  of O choice. This connects good and makes N mad

13. N finishes O off with gymnastic combo move of her choice, but one point of the combo is a split and something else.

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Naomi Quinn demonstrates her power to Melanie

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