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  • Diana was defeated by deception

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Title: Diana overpowered

Length: 12’ (in six parts of 2’ each)

Stars: Diana against a powerful female enemy

Outline: Diana is overpowered by a fighter enhanced with a special serum.

Clothing: Diana and the fighter are in military fatigue pants (or sport/yoga pants) and sport bras. Diana’s stomach is fully revealed. They all use comfortable sport shoes.

Punches: All punches go to Diana’s upper stomach (above the navel). They make contact with the body and go deep into the stomach (not bouncing).

Reactions: Diana is a strong woman, she does not scream, whimper or cry. But she is quickly overpowered, and her abs flexing is unable to contain the punches. Since the beginning, she produces high-pitched short reactions trying to contain the pain (uww… ulh... unh…). As her abs flexing is over, she produces oooff… sounds, letting oxygen escape from her inside. When her body is unable to resist anymore, she softly sighs. By the end of the beatdown, she can only open her mouth, grovelling for air, eyes rolling back, or semi-closed.

Puncher: She/he is strong and in control. She/he remains silent all the time, no karate screams, showing no effort or emotions.

Camera takes: Camera stays close to Diana at all times, making close-ups of her stomach, the punches and Diana’s faces, from as many angles and positions as possible.

Language: Russian, with English subtitles.

Part Action Reactions

1 Diana is standing, hands tied up behind her, back against the wall. She looks challenging. “You think you can break me?” she sneers. The puncher answers “yes”. She takes a drink of special serum, and starts to deliver uppercuts to Diana’s upper stomach, digging inside her. Every time she doubles forward, she is straightened back, head against the wall. Diana is surprised by the strength of the punches. She resists well the first 2-3. But the punches penetrate her defences. She tries to contain the pain, producing “ooofff….” sounds with each impact. After she doubles, she slowly lets the rest of her air go. She finally pants and cough, saying “That’s… cheating…”.

2 Diana is straightened up, and the puncher comes close to her, her/his right shoulder against Diana’s left shoulder, holding her like a boxer. She/he says “right, I am a cheater”, and starts to drive fast and continuous uppercuts right below Diana’s ribcage. Diana is stunned by the lunches, eyes wide open, face looking up. Her reactions become shorter and weaker (like “ah… oh… ow….”). A bit of water starts to drip off her mouth (no spitting). Her eyes start to close down, and she slides down to the floor, panting.

3 Diana is sitting on the floor, back against the wall. She is exhausted. The puncher kneels beside her and grabs her hair to look at her face. “Not so strong now, are you?”. Diana replies “I’ll kill you”. But the puncher resumes, driving her fist deep into Diana´s stomach. With each deep punch, Diana’s head bangs against the wall, then slumps down. Each punch seems to produce a commotion inside her body. She is wet in sweat. Her breath cuts for a moment, then she slowly sighs, letting her oxygen go. She says “please no more”

4 Diana falls on her side, back against the wall. The puncher kneels beside her. She/he says “you seem to be in trouble”, and starts to drive fast and continuous punches into Diana’s ribcage. Diana is unable to breathe anymore, she can only wince, eyes semi-shut, producing short high-pitched sounds (like “uhllh… ullgh… ungh…”). When the punches stop, she slowly curls. A little bit of after drips from her mouth, and she says “my… stomach…”.

5 Diana is lying down on a bed or on the floor, hands tied above her head. The puncher kneels beside her. Diana says “please stop punching my stomach”. But the puncher says “it’s not over yet, I want to see you pass out”, and resumes the attack, driving her fist deep into Diana´s ribcage. Each punch digs seep into Diana, producing devastation. Diana’s reactions become slowly weaker. She sighs and puffs air (like “hough… ooufff…”).  She has trouble remaining awake, but she doesn’t give up. Diana finally says “stop… I can’t… take it… any… more…”.

6 Diana is lying down on a bed (or on the floor), hands tied above her head. The puncher lies beside her. She/he pushes her/his knuckles into Diana’s stomach. Diana winces. She says “enough… my… stomach…”. The puncher says “got you”, and starts to drive fast and continuous punches above Diana’s navel. Diana tries to flex her abdominals with her last bit of strength, but she can only take a couple more punches. Her abs become unflexed, and the punching goes deeper and deeper inside her stomach. She only produces weaker and weaker sighs and gasps (like “hahh… pfff…”), her eyes gradually shutting down, water slightly dripping from her mouth.

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Diana was defeated by deception

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