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  • Naomi humiliates the man who tried to rob her

Custom clip request 

A video featuring Naomi against a guy

With Naomi wearing a Blazer, a skirt, a bra and heels with shades 

Naomi is in office when this guy comes and tries to rob him and he has a shooter but naomi is able to Get the shooter out of his hands first beating him with fist punches and kicks, then when he falls down she picks him up and pins him against the wall with her heels on his neck. Then she takes off her blazer, revealing the bra. Then she gives her a scissor hold between her thighs and calfs while standing 

Then the guy falls to the floor and Naomi is taunting him why how powerful she is and he couldn’t even rob a girl, then Naomi holds his neck and gives a long throatlift with 1 hand and continues to taunt and then she punches him while throatlifting finally using both hands to сhoкe him and finish him. After finishing him she walks off the scene calling the cleaning crew


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Naomi humiliates the man who tried to rob her

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