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  • Lillian punishes her slave for escaping

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The prisoner is sitting in the floor against a wall. He's in a basement. He is barefoot and shirtless. He has a dog collar around his neck.  On his body we see marks of blows and bruises.

Lillian enters dressed as "Lillian is torturing her slave" (short and black shoes) but with the white shirt of "Lillian and the prisoner". She is wearing a police cap.

She takes a chair and sits in front of him (like the picture above)  with her legs spread. The heels of his shoes rest on the ground. .

We always see her full-length.

Lillian places the heel of one of her shoes on the prisoner's shoulder and presses. He groans in pain.

-You are a fool. You tried to escape from the prisión and the boss ordered me to punish you. I don't like torturing prisoners, but it is my job and I must do it well.

- No please, you have a reputation for being very cruel.

She presses the heel of her shoe more against the prisoner's shoulder.

-You have always been an obedient prisoner. In fact we are good friends. So this is going to be difficult for me- She said .

-Please forgive me. I am obedient to the orders that you give me. I bear all the humiliations that the jailers do to me every day-says the prisoner.

-It is true. You are a faithful lapdog. You even help me with the corpses when I execute the condemned in the electric chair ... you are a good friend, but work is work.

-Please excuse me, I won't try to run away again.

-But darling, it's for your own good. You must learn the lesson. Iam your close friend and I’ve to teach how you must to do things in the prisión. I’am your close friend but also your jailer. What am I going to do with you? ... I know I'm going to press a testicle until it explodes, it's a good punishment.

-No, please, the testicles hurt a lot.

-It's the idea. Now collaborate with your education and spread your legs wide.

The prisoner obeys crying.

She plays with the sole of her shoe pressing lightly, going from the left testicle to the right.

-Which one am I going to exploit, the left or the right ... right or left? Left!!!

She rests the sole of her shoe on the prisoner's left testicle and begins to press. More and more. He cries and groans. Pray.

-It is very painful. Please stop. We are friends. I always obey you.

-Pain is part of your education. It's for your own good.

She continues more and more until a "plop" is heard.

-I explode your testicle ja ja! -she says happily removing the shoe-

-It hurts much? she asks

-I can't bear it- says the prisoner crying.

-Tell me thanks

-Thank you

-I have not finished. I'm going to pop your other testicle, but with another technique.

-Please no, we are friends.

-Precisely. I insist: it is for your own god…

Scene 2 (always the camera moves showing different angles)

Lillian takes a hammer and returns to the prisoner. I'm going to hit your other testicle until it explodes.

Lillian sits on the prisoner's chest like in the picture. Place both feets on the prisoner's arms to immobilize him by keeping them stretched out in a cross. Always with the shoes.

Lillian begins hammering on the prisoner's testicle.

-Does it hurt a lot dear?- She asks

-It is excruciating pain, please stop-says the prisoner crying

-Sorry dear, I just do my job

 A "plop" is heard and the prisoner falls to the ground.

-You broke my testicle ahhh ...

She jumps for joy.

-I did it. Now you are a eunuch.

"Please stop," the prisoner begs.

-No, you know that my sadistic instinct asks me more and more. Still more pain. What part of the body can I break you now? You can choose. Think about it or I will choose.

The crying prisoner says:

-If you cut off a hand like you did to my brother I will not be able to defend myself in jail.

-Good idea. But I have a better and more cruel idea: I'm going to explode one of your eyes with the heel of my shoe.- Lillian says.

She hits him and kicks him in the testicles.

-Do the broken testicles hurt prisoner? - He laughs.

Keep hitting him. The prisoner falls and she places a heel of her shoe in one eye and busts it.

The prisoner writhes in pain.

We hear a "plop" when his eye explodes

She grabs him by the dog leash and forces him to stand up.

-You've suffered enough for today. I'm not going to be sadistic with you for today.  I'm going to be a good girl and not torture you anymore, but just for today!!- she says sadly.

-Thank you. You are a good friend-he says crying in pain.

She takes him away pulling the dog collar.

Scene 3 

They are in a living room. Lillian dressed in bikini and sandals as in the photo (not need to be a thong bibkini).

The prisoner is kneeling with his arms behind his neck. He has an eye patch.

-I have decided to bring you to my house to be my house slave and take care of cleaning, my clothes and polishing my shoes. We are a friend, but at the slightest failure I will severely punish you.

-I promise to be faithful and I followed all your orders my mistress.

-Very good slave friend. I can also be kind to you if you follow my orders

-Yes miss -says the obedient slave.

She waks arond him. Then she put some music and start to dance. While dancing she said to him:

-To remind you, we can start with a small punishment.

She starts kicking him in the testicles and hitting him.

-Every morning will begin with a punishment to maintain discipline -she says and continues hitting him.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian punishes her slave for escaping

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