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  • Lillian is captive but resilient

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Characters: Lillian is the victim, a man plays Guy, and a woman (never seen) plays The Boss (we never see her, bus she is great puncher).

Punches: Pulled, but making contact with the body, going deep and “staying inside”.

Sounds: If edited, sounds should enhance impacts, but no ribs breaking or so.

Reactions: Lillian doesn’t whimper or cry. But she is exhausted, her face and reactions showing that.

Wardrobe: Lillian is in fatigue pants and sports bra, full stomach revealed. It can be (or not) the same as in the previous custom.

Language: Russian with English subtitles.

Camera: All takes are from close to Lillian, with many close-ups of her face and stomach.

Scene 1 (3’)

Camera fades in Lillian, hands tied above her head, back against the wall. A man is punching her upper stomach (between navel and ribcage) over and over. Fists go deep into Lillian, staying for about a second. Lillian seems to be exhausted, but she withstands the punching admirably. When the fists make contact with her body she seems to freeze, for an instant., eyes wide open. And when the fists leave, she closes her eyes and lets her oxygen out, in slow deep sighs. Camera makes close-ups of the deep punches and of her face. After five or six punches the man stops, seemingly tired himself.

Guy: You look like a small and slim girl, but you really are very strong. Most of our prisoner would have fainted after so many stomach punches. Why don’t you just give me the information I need?

Lillian (breathing with difficulty): You… never met… a strong woman… before…? You are just a … typical man...

Guy (angry): A typical man? You’ll really regret saying that.

He resumes the stomach punching, gathering pace. Lillian can only rise her head, looking up, mouth wide open, resisting with all her remaining strength.

Guy’s mobile phone rings, and he answers it.

Guy: Hi Boss… I am afraid she is not talking… Sure Boss.

In the meantime, Lillian as slumped down, a bit of water falling form her mouth.

Guy: Boss wants to talk to you herself.

Lillian (breathing with difficulty): Oh, is it… a… woman…? Are you… in trouble…?

He resumes the punching, going deeper and deeper into Lillian’s belly. Lillian can only “ooff”, slowly letting all oxygen off her body.

Mobile rings again.

Guy: Sorry boss… yes… coming right away…

He carefully unties Lillian, loads her over his shoulder, and heads out of the room.

Scene 2 (3’)

Camera fades in a POV scene (camera shooting as it was the Boss’s eyes), Lillian secured by Guy 1 holding her arms from behind, his back against the wall.

Guy: Boss, I promise, I did everything she can, she is too strong.

Lillian is half-awake, eyes semi-closed, only resisting but her strong will.

Boss: So it seems you’re too much for my guy.

Lillian: He punches like a guy…

In a supreme effort, Lillian manages to bang the back of her head against Guy, and free herself for an instant. But the Boss grabs her throat, straightens her up, and delivers a very powerful punch into Lillian’s stomach. She folds all the way (we can see her backbone define on bare back), and falls to the floor in her knees. The camera makes a close-up of her face, and how she slowly lets the air out of her body in a deep sigh.

Boss: You, incompetent asshole. You are twice her size, and you can’t make her talk? Earn your salary, hold her up for me.

Guy puts Lillian straight, holding her arms behind. Boss starts to deliver deep punches into Lillian’s upper stomach. Punches are clearly stronger and deeper than Guy’s. Lillian is visibly trouble. Her reactions show she is weaker and weaker every time.

Lillian: stop… my… stomach…

Boss: Oh! So it seems you will talk to another girl…

Boss keeps driving har punches into Lillian. She doubles over at each punch, no grunting or whimpering. After the doubling, when she is facing down, she softly sighs, drool (water) slowly dripping from her mouth.

Boss: See? That’s the way it’s done. Now talk!

Lillian: My… stomach… you can… hurt me… I am… not talking… bitch…

Boss: Really? Let’s see how that works out for you.

Boss delivers deep punches under Lillian’s ribcage. Lillian is stunned, progressively unable to breathe, until she almost faints, but her incredible resilience keeps her going. Camera make lots of cloae-ups of her stomach punches and faces.

Scene 3 (4’)

Lillian is lying down on a bed (or table, or floor), stretched out, her arms and legs spread and securely tied. She slowly comes back.

Guy: Ready to speak now?

Lillian: Fuck you.

Guy: Oh, fuck me? Well, the Boss will fuck me if you don’t talk,

Lillian: You are… in trouble… Make me speak…

Guy delivers deep punches into Lillian’s upper stomach. Gradually, her resistance seems to be gone. Her reactions turn to short, gasped and long high-pitched “uwhlll” reactions. But she doesn’t give up. Guy gets angry and rises up the pace. the end, she only shakes, deep sighs letting her oxygen away. On Lillian’s mouth water trickles down. But until the end of the vid, she remains awake.

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Lillian is captive but resilient

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