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  • Melanie looked for Carly's punches

Custom clip request 

So for my next custom, I want a fight with a similar theme with my previous ones: a fight with a lot of belly punches, kicks, elbows that make the actress spitting water. The script will be:

It will be Carly vs Melanie. This time, I want the fight to be very close, balanced and back and forth until the very end. Similar to my previous custom, I want to see a lot of belly holding, coughing and water spitting.

In this fight, Carly will use a lot of strong single punch/kick into Melanie, to indicate that she's stronger. Melanie will sometime spit out water/drop down on her knee (and spit) after the punch/kick. Melanie is faster so she can dodge a lot of Carly attack, and Melanie will use a lot of long series belly punch/punching deep in Carly's belly and keep her fist there for a while (like minute 13:41-13:47 in the video Mortal combat. Melanie vs Diana), and make Carly spit out water (4-5 times). After each deep punch, I want to see Carly tries hard to hold the water in her mouth but eventually spit it all out. I also want to see both spits out water after a long series of belly punches. In the end, despite taking more hit and close to losing, Carly will overpower Melanie and win the fight.

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Melanie looked for Carly's punches

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