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  • Sasha humiliates her weaker opponent

Custom clip request 

Film 1 

Can Sasha please wear brown pantyhose and Jeans Shorts like in picture 1 above. And can she please have a black Bikini Top

Can Sasha please have her hair bind like she has in picture2 above? With any kind of band

If there is any chance, can Sasha and Diana please have her toe nails with this French style like Sasha has on picture 3 above on her hands. If this not possible than orange or pink. And if this not possible than white

Sasha and her opponent meet for a fight to see who is the better fighter

Sasha starts to kick her opponent very hard. She massages her feet on his face. She laughs at him how week he is and continue to kick him. After a few minutes he gives up and tells her she is the better fighter

She starts to verbally humiliate him. She rubs again her feet on his face and she tells him that she will not let him go until she has finished with him. Can Sasha please verbally humiliate him and laugh at him and tells him how weak he is a lot during the whole film  (I don’t mind if it’s Russian Language with Subtitles, whatever she prefers)

He tries to get out of the room but Sasha kicks him down on his knees and sits on the floor next to the door. Sasha tells him she gives him a chance. She will use only her legs and if he can get out of the room she will let him go

He tries to walk on his knees around Sasha, but Sasha put her legs directly in his way. He tries to push Sashas legs away, but he has no chance as Sashas legs are too strong (can the cameraperson during such scenes please walk around more and changing the angles)

He tries to get another way to the door, but Sasha rolls over to him and lays on the floor blocking his way. She than rubs her feet on his face. She places one feet on his shoulder while he stills knees in front of her. She laughs at him because he is so scared of her legs and feet

She gives him a few kicks while she is still lying on the floor next to him and he is on his knees. Sasha place again one feet on his shoulder. Sasha asks him if he is scared of her feet. She tells him to try get around her legs. She makes some stretching in front of him where she stretches one leg, so that he can try get around. When he tries, Sasha puts him into a head scissor and than rubs her feet again on his face

Until the end can Sasha please lay on the side on the floor and continue to pose her legs in front of his face and make sure he can not pass her legs and leave. She kicks him with series of kicks while she lays on the floor. She verbally humiliates him and telling him how weak he is and that she needs only her legs and feet to fight with him. She puts her feet on his shoulder and head and laugh at him. She massages her feet all over his face and his head

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Sasha humiliates her weaker opponent

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