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  • Sasha humiliates the gangsters with her karate skills

Custom clip request 

I would like to know the price for this custom video:

Sasha main actress

2 boys

Sasha should come with a suit, (Jacket, skirt, and shoes with heels) and the boys with karate kimonos

Max 10 minutes, even less because everything has to be focused on the fight and humiliation of the 2 boys.

Sasha is an agent and she has to solve a case, she goes inside a room that should be like karate club, in the room, there are two boys practising karate on a tatami, but they are actually two gangsters and when they see Sasha coming inside, they look very suspicious about her, Sasha starts making some question about this case, the boys are aware of their guilty, but they start saying something to make fun of her, but they don't know that she is a martial art expert, and so at that point, Sasha advice them that there's nothing to be funny, but they keep kidding her, (They totally talk just for about 1 minute 3 minutes max) at that point, she takes off shoes and start to fight them (barefoot fighting) with really powerful energy.

I would like to see punches, punches with the elbow and especially karate kicks, (no Sasha sambo stile).

No special effects.

I would mainly like to see not so many pauses among the fight, everything has to be a bit fast, kicks, punches, when the boys stand up, they must be quick and attack her fast, but obviously, Sasha is a really expert and she reveals all her power to them, strong kicks, some details about naked feet, squeezing balls sometimes, kicks on the ribs, frontal kick with the sole of the foot in the face of the opponent, some balls kick, round kicks in the face, so she has to humiliate them with her karate skills.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

To be continued...

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Sasha humiliates the gangsters with her karate skills

  • Brand: SASHA
  • Product Length: 10 minutes
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  • $9.99

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