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  • Melanie was prevailed by the evil man

Custom clip request 

Melanie in a bikini (preferably black or other dark color) vs. a guy, 10 minutes.

Spy scenario but I’ll leave the details to you.

The fight goes back and forth for 3-4 minutes, then he dominates. KO at end, then carry-off.

ATTITUDE: Tough, cocky, skilled fighter, gradually overpowered, fear when she realizes she can’t win, humiliation.

It’s important that even when it’s clear he’s stronger and she can’t win, she doesn’t give up – she’s still tough and defiant and fights back. Only near the end is she so exhausted and beaten that he can do anything he wants.

APPEARANCE: If possible, I’d love her to have a “wet/sweaty” look, from oil or glycerine, or even just water. Or that could start, or be added to, when the fight heats up. And I like when the girl starts out looking good then gets more ragged as she’s beaten; I prefer no touch-ups to hair/makeup.

FIGHTING: Mostly kicks, punches, chops, along with regular slugging. When she’s being dominated, a few slaps; some chest hits and maybe a few low blows if possible. I like wrestling moves but find it hard to justify; if there’s a way to work some in, fine. I don’t like shaking or choking and, unlike many others, I’m not a fan of bearhugs.

One other thing: there was a video (not by you) where the girl was beaten and falls, then the guy pulls her to her feet to beat her up some more. I found the pull-up very sexy because he bent down to grab her from behind and pulled her up by her breasts. I totally understand if that isn’t possible but it’d be great if it is.

CAMERA: It’s important to me to focus as much as possible on the girl and to not have her blocked when the shot is from behind the guy. Unless the blocking’s just right, shots from behind the guy on the girl often block the girl; I want to see her as much as possible!

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Melanie was prevailed by the evil man

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