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  • Diana and Naomi making mincemeat of the guys

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Battle of the Sexes; The painful ending of the male ego

Diana and Naomi, they may have looking like 'sweet girls next door', but don't let you fool by their sexy and innocent appearance. They aren't afraid voor anybody, especially not for arrogant guys* who are still believing in 'male supremacy'. In this video both girls will make, in front of the whole world, a ruthless and shocking end of the myth of males who are the so called 'stronger gender'.

Naomi and Diana are doing their workout, when two of the strongest guys of the planet entering the building. They behaving very arrogant, when they're noticing both girls. Despite the reputation of both girls, who have destroyed many men in the past, the male ego is a very stubborn type of thing. Both men directly behaving very disrespectful against both girls, meaning that they're not beloning into a gym. After a short dialogue between both 'teams' they arranged a battle between both sexes to make an decisive end of this discussion in physical way.

Which follows are some battles of armwrestling, to make clear which gender really is the strongest. Although they started with lots of confidence, for the guys it turned out as a very humiliating affair. Diana and Naomi directly making mincemeat of the male ego by slamming the hands of both men to the table very quickly. The men aren't able to even move the girls' arms just a little bit, while their own arms are shaking heavily. First Diana easily owerpowers the first guy* several times, followed by Naomi who's destroying the other guy* while his friend is watching in disbelief. After both girls have demolished the guys individually they're facing the two males simultaneously. They're just toying with them, finishing them of when they've had enough of playing with those two weaklings. Because the lack of opposition Diana's facing both guys at the same time, but still they're not able to cause her any problems.

Despite conceding defeat after defeat the guys are still convinced they're are much stronger than girls. According to them armwrestling is just a matter of technique, but a Tug of War will make things clear. They couldn't be more wrong, but while the girls aren't even pulling at full strength the guys didn't make the women in serious problems. How hard the men are trying, the girls are not moving just a single centimeter. After a few seconds the women pulling up the pressure, directly resulting in huge problems for both men, who are staggering and losing territory quickly. Because the huge strength difference Diana decides to leave this battle and gives Naomi te chance to battle against both guys in her own to give her some challenge. But, even with 1F vs 2M it isn't an equal battle. First Naomi gives the men some illusion that they finally have a chance, but after she's pulling with maximum strength, the men are flying through the air and are badly beaten while they're getting mocked by two laughing girls. They are looking for excuses, saying that this didn't prove who are really stronger. So they decide it's time to straighten things up in the ring.

After a short outfit chance both girls are dressed and ready to beat both guys into a pulp. The fight starts as a tag team match. The men doesn't want to be surprised again, starting aggressively. But, everything they tried will not be enough against these two very skilled and extremely strong 'bad ass chicks'. They avoids, blocks and counters all the pretictable and weak attempts of the males, quickly taking over all the action. It won't take long of both men are pushed, beeched and throwed to the whole ring. They're barely able to tag their partner in, becauseDiana and Naomi are producing fast paced and ruthless action. The poor men are soon losing all their natural confidence, while they are being lifted in the air like they're weigthless ragdolls. After a few minutes one of the men* can't seeing the slaughter of his budy no longer and decides to cheat. He enters the ring to help his partner, but Diana showes she can handle two guys easily. She wiped the mat with both guys, hitting them dark and blue. Naomi is showing this approvingly, but after a few minutes she wants to have some fun aswell and joines the action. From that point, everything is becoming a total chaos. The girls are getting wild, making the demolition of the men very embarrassing. They're putting the men in painful wrestling holds, hitting them very hard against the turnbuckles. From the so-called 'male ego' is not much left, when the men are screaming for mercy. But the girls have other plans, and are just satisfied when they have KO'ed those two weaklings to make a strong and impressive statement. And this is exactly what happens when they end this totally one-sided slaughter in spectacular style! Will there be anyone who still dares to doubt about the new proportions between the genders after this beatdown?

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Diana and Naomi making mincemeat of the guys

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